Author Topic: Favourite poems, previously Aubades  (Read 14190 times)

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Re: Favourite poems, previously Aubades
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Smilies you don't need when we can hear (read) the smile in your voice.


(I like Levertov's work from the seventies.)

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Re: Favourite poems, previously Aubades
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Okay, I hope I do this right, since I've never posted a link before:

It's an old favorite by Robert Frost. I have many favorites of his, but had to pick just one for this thread. It's called 'Mending Wall', at:

I tried to find a url that contained just that one poem; I think it's from Penn State, which I'm not affiliated with in any form.

It's just simply a gorgeous poem, and when you catch the subtext, it's very pertinent. :)

Leigh x


Great poem from Frost. That said, it's not Penn State but the University of Penn. Two different colleges.
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