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Research Buddies
« on: April 10, 2007, 08:36:47 AM »
IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in this list is in some cases out of date, and in any event should not be relied upon. Any research-related questions should henceforth be posted on the All The Write Questions board.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to assist as a 'research buddy' in this topic. It is unfortunate that it proved almost impossible to keep this information up to date, so we feel it is best to draw a line under it now.

This topic is now locked and closed.

Thank you - Nick Daws

Below you will find a list of MWC members who have indicated that they are willing to share their expertise/experience with other members. The list was originally set up by Allie, but is now being maintained by MWC moderator Ma100 (Mairi), to whom any queries should be directed.

Topics are arranged in alphabetical order, with the myWritersCircle IDs of members offering knowledge/experience/expertise in the field concerned listed next to them. If you want help with anything on the list, just PM (send a personal message to) the member concerned. You should be able to find any member via the Members List - then click on 'Send this member a personal message' and fill in the form that appears.

Research Buddies are not necessarily claiming to be outright experts on these subjects, just saying that they may know a bit more than the beginner or average person, and so may be able to help you with the information you need for a character, job or particular area you want to use in your story or article.

If you are willing to be added to the list, please post a reply to this topic. Your details will then be added to the main list, hopefully within a day or two. Once you have been added, for ease of administration your post will be deleted.

Please note that this topic is NOT to be used for advertising paid services. If you list an area of expertise here, it is assumed that you are willing to advise other members on this subject free of charge. If this leads on to a request to engage your professional services for a fee, however, we would not have any objection to this.

Finally, apart from assisting your writing, feel free to use the list to contact others who may share your hobbies and interests.

We hope that members will find this resource helpful.

Nick  :)
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Re: Research Buddies
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2007, 10:32:16 AM »
Research Buddies' List

Accommodation, Ireland (celticways)
Accountant (Gltagaman)
Acupuncture (Hunter Logan)
Actors  (L. Carmichael)
Addiction (Stephanie Duckworth)
Administration segregation at a prison (Chanaadair)
Aircraft monitor (Gltagaman)
Alaska (Akpolarmom)
Alternative history (Talisman)
Alternative medicine (Hunter Logan)
American history - Cyndith
Amusement hall change-booth cashier, 60s (Allie)
Armenia history /culture etc. (Stella 32)
Anatomy (jojohnson)
Ancient Egyptians (bob414bob)
Ancient mysteries, Egypt, Atlantis, etc. (Talisman)
Angling, coarse, particularly pike (DC)
Angling, flyfishing for trout, flytying (little lubo)
Animals, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigeons (Orchid15)
Animals, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigeons (LindaS)
Applied biology (jeanette)
Archaeology (Gltagaman)
Army chef (bonsibabe)
Army families (bonsibabe)
Army wife (bonsibabe)
Army wife (sara)
Aromatherapy shop (raphanius)
Arran, Isle of (Lesleykay)
Art as social practice (Frank)
Arthritis (philoscribe)
Arthur, King, last battle in Camlan, Mid Wales (Scarlet)
Artist, watercolour, oils, pencil, charcoal (Frank)
Artist, watercolour, oils, pencil, charcoal(LindaS)
Arts and crafts (LindaS)
Arts and crafts (Tollingbell)
Art history (Prospero)
Astrology (philoscribe)
Audiology (Lisavon)
Aviation engineering (Gltagaman)
Aztecs (bob414bob)
Bagpipes (RGrayling)
Baking (raphanius)
Baking (LindaS)
Bar tender, real ales (raphanius)
Batteries (Gltagaman)
Beading (Tollingbell)
Beauty Therapist (Charlie)
Bible (Charlie)
Bible (raphanius)
Bible classes (Orchid15)
Bible questions (Kryspen)
Bible questions :) (deborahowen)
Biology (shaman)
Behavioral Health (Jacky)
Birds, Californian (Orchid15)
Blogwriting tuition (celticways)
Blogging  - Deborahowen
Book collecting, aviation, military, naval,
Book distributor (Allie)
Book reviewer (Prospero)
Book reviewer (LindaS)
Bookkeeper’s assistant (jeanette)
Brass band music (GLTagaman)
Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland (Allie)
Breifne region of Ireland, Leitrim, Cavan, Fermanagh, Roscommon, Sligo (celticways)
British aerospace industries (Smurf)
British army, life in the (sara)
British military (Bates 61)
British folk music & dance (Kryspen)
Broken bones (jojohnson)
Builder, small (Allie)
Business group, Rotary (Scarlet)
Business mentoring (Gltagaman)
Byzantine history /culture (Stella 32)

California, Long Beach (Tollingbell)
Camlan, Battle of (Scarlet)
Camping (deborahowen)
Canada (Talisman)
Candle making (bob414bob)
Canning (Orchid15)
Carpenter's trade (kyslugger)
Carpet warehouse worker (jeanette)
Cashier, Amusement hall change-booth, 60s (Allie)
Casualties, in A&E/ER (jojohnson)
Catholicism (Charlie)
Cats (Steph P)
Cavan, Ireland (celticways)
Celebrity nightclub hostess (Allie)
Celtic spirituality (celticways)
Charcoal artist (Frank)
Chef, dude ranch (Tollingbell)
Chef, personal, family (Tollingbell)
Chemicals (Gltagaman)
Chickens (Orchid15)
Child care (Charlie)
Child rearing - Deborahowen
color therapy - Cyndith
Chinese horoscopes (Neil)
Christianity (Kryspen) Christianity or the bible (kyslugger)
Church, healing day receptionist (Talisman)
Church history, Church of England (Kryspen)
Church of England lay minister (Kryspen)
Classical music (GLTagaman)
Classical music (Prospero)
Climbing (DC)
Commercial pilot (philoscribe)
Comping, entering & winning consumer competitions (Scarlet)
Composer, music (sassy-oracle)
Computers/IT  (RGrayling)
Computer programmer (Gltagaman)
Computer security (samskillern)
Computing, hardware (samskillern)
Computing, software (samskillern)
Concertina player (Kryspen)
Cooking (raphanius)
Cooking (LindaS)
Council worker, Irish (Allie)
Counselling (Scarlet)
Craftsman engineer (Frank)
Cross-stitch (raphanius)
Cross-stitch (LindaS)
Crystal therapy (Talisman)
crystal healing - Cyndith

Dance, British (Kryspen)
Danish (Akpolarmom)
D-Day – WWII (RGrayling)
Debilitating disease, living with (Scarlet)
Debt consolidation (raphanius)
Denmark (Akpolarmom)
Derbyshire (raphanius)
Diverticulitis (philoscribe)
DJ, professional (ignis)
Dog breeder, schnauzers (Allie)
Dog trainer (Akpolarmom)
Dog trainer (bob414bob)
Dogs (jeanette)
Dogsledding (Akpolarmom)
Dogsledding in Greenland (Akpolarmom)
Dominican Repubic (Stephanie Duckworth)
Donegal, Ireland (celticways)
Dowsing, pendulum (Scarlet)
Drawing (Frank)
Drinking safely (Scarlet)
Driving instructor, cars & motorcycles (DC)
Drummer (jeanette)
Dublin, Ireland (Allie)
Ducks (Orchid15)

East End (Talisman)
Eastham (Talisman)
Editor, prose & poetry (Prospero)
Editing (deborahowen)
Egypt (Talisman)
Egyptian heiroglyphs, basic (bob414bob)
Electrical engineering (Gltagaman)
Embroidery, cross-stitch (raphanius)
Embroidery, needlepoint, petit point (Tollingbell)
Embroidery, cross-stitch (LindaS)
Embroidery, needlepoint, petit point (LindaS)
End of life care (Virginia) English Literature (Stephanie Duckworth)
English Language (Stephanie Duckworth)
English language (Tiggywinkle)
Environmental issues (raphanius)
Environmental student (Allie)
Environmental issues (LindaS)
Etymology (Tiggywinkle)
Exam invigilator (Talisman)
Exploration (Gltagaman)
Eye conditions (ignis)

Fairies (Charlie)
Family research (Gltagaman)
Farm worker (jeanette)
Fell walking (DC)
Fence erecting & manufacture (ignis)
Fermanagh, Ireland (celticways)
Fibromyalgia (philoscribe)
Fine Arts (shaman)
Finland (Stella 32)
Financial freedom (Kram 14)
Firearms, antique up to 1967 (ignis)
Fitness instructor (Charlie)
Flight attendant, Western Airlines, early 70s (Tollingbell)
Fly, learning to (philoscribe)
Flyfishing for trout (little lubo)
Flying (philoscribe)
flytying (little lubo)
Folk music, British (Kryspen)
Folk music, UK (CarrieSheppard)
Folklore, Irish (celticways)
Forest fire fighter, female (Tollingbell)
fossils - Cyndith
Four-Wheeling (deborahowen)
Free red instruments (Kryspen)

Garden centre (Allie)
Gardening (bob414bob)
Gardening (deborahowen)
Gender (Hunter Logan)
Gender identity (Hunter Logan)
Genealogy (bonsibabe)
Genealogy (LindaS)
General knowledge (LindaS)
General knowledge (ignis)
General office assistant (Talisman)
General store, running a (Maxine)
Genetics (DC)
geography - Cyndith
Geraniums, kinds, breeding, growing (Allie)
German customs (Annmarie)
German history (Annmarie)
German language (StephP)
German Language (Annmarie)
German Literature (Annmarie)
German travel (Annmarie)
Gnosticism (Talisman)
Goat keeping (Lesleykay)
Goat milking (Orchid15)
Grain, hand-grinding (Orchid15)
graveyards - Cyndith
Green home (raphanius)
Greece history /culture etc. (Stella 32)

Hairdresser, trainee (Charlie)
Hand reading (Allie)
Hand-grinding grain (Orchid15)
Handloom weaver (Lesleykay)
Health conditions (philoscribe)
Healthy living  (Kram 14}
Health promotion (Scarlet)
Health promotion (LindaS)
Healthy eating (LindaS)
Healthy eating (Scarlet)
Heart Bypass and rehabilitation(Gltagaman)
herbs - Cyndith
Hiking, Ireland (celticways)
Hill walking (jeanette)
History, ancient, medieval, modern, not US (Prospero)
History of the Balkans (Stella 32)
History (Frank)
History, of interior design (Sara)
History of theGeorgian, Regency and Victorian eras. (flights_of_fantasy )
History - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobite (Steph P)
Holy wells, Ireland (celticways)
Home business (philoscribe)
Home care assistant (Allie)
Home-schooling (Orchid15)
Home-schooling (raphanius)
Homeschooling (Lisavon)   ,  
Horoscopes, Chinese (Neil)
Horse breaking, for riding, driving, harness (trotters)
Horse breeding (bob414bob)
Horse breeding (Tollingbell)
Horse riding (bob414bob)
Horse riding, English style (Akpolarmom)
Horse training (Akpolarmom)
Horses (sassy-oracle)
Hotel worker (jeanette)
How to stop smoking (Stephanie Duckworth)
Hypertension (philoscribe)
Hypnosis (ignis)
Hypnotherapy (Akpolarmom)
Hypnotherapy (Stephanie Duckworth)
Hypnobirthing  (Lisavon)

IBS (philoscribe)
Iceland (Talisman)
Incas (bob414bob)
Industrial chemist (Talisman)
Inland Revenue office (jeanette)
Insurance office, damaged vehicle inspections (Talisman)
Interior design (Sara)
Interior design, history (Sara)
Interior design student (Sara)
Internet (raphanius)
Internet (samskillern)
Intersex (Hunter Logan)
Invasion of Crete – WWII (RGrayling)
Inverness (bonsibabe)
Iowa, East (Prospero)
Ireland, Dublin, Wicklow, Galway, Cork, midlands (Allie)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Isle of Arran (Lesleykay)

Jewelry making (Tollingbell)
Journalism (Annmarie)

Kitchen sales & showrooms (Talisman)
Knife-throwing (Gyppo)
Knitting (Lesleykay)

Lake district fells, esp southern (DC)
Lamp assembly, from kits (Chillies)
Landscape painting (Tollingbell)
Latin American immigrants in London (Stephanie Duckworth)
Law, death & taxes (jeanette)
Law, probate & trust (jeanette)
Leadership and Management ( Kram 14)
Legends, ancient Irish (celticways)
Leicestershire (jeanette)
Leitrim, Ireland (celticways)
Life coach (Gltagaman)
Lives of the families left at home during both world wars (flights_of_fantasy )
Living through a hurricane (Chanaadair)  
Long Beach, California (Tollingbell)
Lundy (Talisman)

Magic performance (ignis)
Market research (Gltagaman)
Marketing (raphanius)
Martial Arts  (RGrayling)
Massage (Talisman)
Mayans (bob414bob)
Mayo, Ireland (celticways)
Meath, Ireland (celticways)
Mechanical engineer (Gltagaman)
Mechanical engineering (DC)
Medical devices (Saturnine)
Medical engineeering (Saturnine)
Medicine (shaman)
Medieval history /culture (Stella 32)
Mediterranean (Stella 32)
Megalithic sites, Ireland (celticways)
Melodeon player (Kryspen)
Mental Health (Jacky)
Model making (Gltagaman)
Model railway (Gltagaman)
Montana, Bozeman (Tollingbell)
Motor industry (little lubo)
Motor sport (philoscribe)
Motorcycle driving instructor (DC)
Motorcycles & sidecars (fordy)
Motorcycling, not racing (DC)
Movies (L. Carmichael)
Music, classical & brass band (Gltagaman)
Music, classical (Prospero)
Music, composing (sassy-oracle)
Musical instrument repair (Allie)
Musician, concertina & melodeon (Kryspen)
Musician, freelance (sassy-oracle)
Myasthenia Gravis (Scarlet)
Myths & Symbols (shaman)

National Trust shop (Talisman)
Native American history - Cyndith
Neuro-Linguistic programming (Scarlet)
New Orleans (KaseySinclair)
Newsagents, running a (Maxine)
Newspaper journalism (Annmarie)
Norfolk Broads (raphanius)
Nuclear monitoring (Gltagaman)
Nursing, TA (Gltagaman)
NZ army (Lisavon)

Occult & esoteric (raphanius)
Operating theatre (jojohnson)
Organic vegetable growing (Lesleykay)
Origins of Christianity (Talisman)

Painter, watercolours, oils
Painting/decorating (Chillies)
Paganism (philoscribe)
Pager repair (Chillies)
Palmistry (Allie)
Papier mache (Allie)
Parapsychology (shaman)
Parenting ( Jacky)
Parkinson's Disease (philoscribe)
PCB assembly (Chillies)
Pelargoniums, kinds, breeding, growing (Allie)
Pentacostalism, fundamentalist (raphanius)
Philosophy (Frank)
Philosophy (Talisman)
Piano teacher (sassy-oracle)
Piano teacher - Deborahowen
Pigeons (Orchid15)
Photocopiers (Gltagaman)
Photographer, amateur (jeanette)
Photographer, wedding (Allie)
Physiology (jojohnson)
Pipe cleaner craft, fairies (Charlie)
Polar bear orphans, raising (Akpolarmom)
Pottery, industrial rather than hobby (ignis)
Pregnancy (philoscribe)
Preschool activities  (Lisavon)
Prison work as a counsellor and advocate (Stephanie Duckworth)
Proof-reading (Stephanie Duckworth)
Proof-reading (Prospero)
Proofreading and criitiquing work of others (LindaS)
Proofreading - Deborahowen
Protestant Christianity (raphanius)
Psychiatry (shaman)
Psychic (Gltagaman)
Psychologist (Gltagaman)
Psychology (shaman)
Pubs (jeanette)
Public Health (Stephanie Duckworth)
Publicist  (Mack)
Public speaking - Deborahowen

RAF, life in the (philoscribe)
Rabbits (Orchid15)
Radio Presenter (Mack)
Railways (ignis)
Railways (Gitagaman)
Raising animals, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigeons (Orchid15)
Raising polar bear orphans (Akpolarmom)
Raising a family (Lisavon)
Reading instruction (MagiMarie)
Recruitment consultant (Allie)
Reiki (Talisman)
Reincarnation research (Allie)
Religion (Frank)
Renaissance / Elizabethan era swordplay.
Rewriting recipes to make them healthier (LindaS)
Rider, horse, with Sheriff's Department, high desert, California (Tollingbell)
Riding instructor (bob414bob)
Roscommon, Ireland (celticways)
Rotary, business group (Scarlet)
Royal Air Force, life in the (philoscribe)
Running (jeanette)
RVing (deborahowen)

Schizophrenia (Talisman)
Schizophrenia (LindaS)
Scilly Isles (Talisman)
Scotland (Steph P)
Scottish Highlands (jeanette)
Secretarial services agency (Talisman)
Secretary, modern (Gltagaman)
Secretary/shorthand typist (60s/70s) (Allie)
Sewing (raphanius)
Sewing (deborahowen)
Shakespearean studies (Prospero)
Shoe shop assistant (Charlie)
Shopfitter (jeanette)
Shows  (L. Carmichael)
Showing cats (TICA) (MagiMarie)
Sidecars, motorcycle (fordy)
Singer/Performer (Mack)
Slaughtering (Orchid15)
Slavery - Cyndith
Sligo, Ireland (celticways)
Small business (Gltagaman)
Snooker (Tim Dunkley)
Snowdonia, Snowdon/Ogwen valley areas (DC)
Social history, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s (Frank)
Social Networking - Deborahowen
Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (Stephanie Duckworth)
Sound engineer (Allie)
Soup factory (jeanette)
South Asia /India(Stella 32)
St Tropez (RGrayling)
Stained glass (Stephanie Duckworth)
Spirituality (Talisman)
Stables (jeanette)
Staff nurse (jojohnson)
Story-telling, to children (Gyppo)
Stress (philoscribe)
Stress management (Scarlet)
Stress (LindaS)
Stress management (LindaS)
Supermarket cashier (Talisman)
Swimming (Charlie)
Systems engineer (Gltagaman)

Table tennis (Allie)
Tank driver (DC)
Tarot (ignis)
Tarot (philoscribe)
Taxation (Gltagaman)
Teacher, secondary (Allie)
Teaching primary school children(Lisavon)
Telex operator (Talisman)
Television (L. Carmichael)
The workings of eyes -Carrie
Theatrical violence, fighting for stage & screen (Gyppo)
Thyroid disease (philoscribe)
Thyroid disease (LindaS)
Tourist trade information, UK (Maxine)
Transgender (Hunter Logan)
Travel & Tourism (Talisman)
Travel, 26 countries (Talisman)
Tyrone, Ireland (celticways)

Vegetarian cookery (Talisman)
Vegetarian cookery (LindaS)
Veterinary nurse (bob414bob)
Victorian England (ignis)
Victorian architectural antiques (Stephanie Duckworth)

Waiter, restaurant (raphanius)
Wales, West, tourism & legends (Scarlet)
Walking (Charlie)
Walking (Talisman)
Walking (LindaS)
Web design (raphanius)
Web design (LindaS)
Westmeath, Ireland (celticways)
Wicca (philoscribe)
Wicklow, Ireland (Allie)
Wilderness life (Orchid15)
Wire wrapped jewelry (MagiMarie)
Witchcraft (Charlie)
Witchcraft (KaseySinclair)
Woodwind musician (sassy-oracle)
Woodwind teacher (sassy-oracle)
Woolworths, assistant in the 60s (Allie)
Working from home (philoscribe)
Working from home (LindaS)
Working on oil rigs and in the oil industry  (J-me)
Wrestling (A.J.B)
Writing (Stephanie Duckworth)
Writing (LindaS)
Writing tutor (deborahowen)

Yoga (LindaS)
Yoga (Allie)
Yoga (Charlie)
York & Hull (RGrayling)
Yorkshire Dales, Malham (DC)

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2011, 05:57:50 PM »

Add me to your research buddy list.  Name is Mary7203  Education elementary,teacher, facilitator :P


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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2011, 01:56:32 PM »
If you wish, I can be added to the list under ITALY and, being a surgeon, MEDICINE & SURGERY

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2011, 10:56:16 AM »
I'm new and I haven't written my "Hello" post yet, sorry. I was perusing though and saw's something I think is extremely valuable to a writer so I'm going to post here first (sorry):

I have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and previously worked for four years as a youth specialist at a juvenile facility. It's not a lot of experience, I know, but I was also a youth once...and I have raised four kids to adulthood (haven't lost one yet)  ;).

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2011, 09:11:18 AM »
Great idea.
If I can be of any help?
I'm a former police firearms officer and V.I.P driver. I was stationed at Brixton police station in London from 1981-1984 (between the riots) and transferred to South Wales in 1984. Worked as a Special Escort Group driver during my time there; alongside duties as an advanced police traffic officer.
Since 1995; retired due to injury on duty and retrained.
Achieved a first (with honours) in Fine Art and then a Master's degree in Fine Art. Now an art lecturer, specialising in painting, art history and Welsh art.
Bit of an ecclectic mix, I know, but that's the sum of my life to date.

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #6 on: March 29, 2011, 11:22:36 AM »
Hi Nigelw,

I'm Italian and worked in London from 1993 to 1995, at the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Harley Street CLinic, what a great time I had back then!!!
I have just put some new ideas down for a novel based in Bristol, involving the local cops, so maybe if I need some first hand advice I can use your (impressing, truly) experience. ;D

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #7 on: March 29, 2011, 01:03:35 PM »
Of course, no problem. Let me know what you want and I'll do my best.
Nigel ;D

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Re: Sticky: Research Buddies
« Reply #8 on: March 31, 2011, 09:10:05 PM »
You can add me for anything on Sign Language/ASL/Deaf Issues
I was an interpreter many years ago. I've forgotten a lot of the language but have the resources in my library. Be glad to help!