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Hi Scribes,

hopefully I will get abit more response on this. Beginning to wonder if I am travelling "A road less travelled" in my jouney to get from idea to published book. There seem to be so many mountains to climb, valleys to crawl and rivers to cross ;) Or have others tried to do as much as possible personally to save initial costs before some traditional publisher took them under their wings?
Oh well... has anyone self published and applied for an ISBN personally? For example inconjuction with LULU?

Every response appreciated.
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Re: ISBN ?
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I haven't applied for an ISBN directly, since I went the POD route and it was taken care of for me as part of the package. I think that Naomi went the short print run route though so she may be able to help. I had a look thouhg in one of the books I have on self publishing (how to publish your own book by Anna Crosbie) and she says that they only available in blocks of 10, and cost around 75 + VAT. These prices though may have changed since the book was written some time ago. Apparently you apply direct to Nielson Book Data in Woking, Surrey (not that far from me then), their web address is  You may want to try and get a copy of Anna's book in fact, since there is a whole section in the back on ISBN's - what qualifies for them and what doesn't, wjy you need one, how to get one etc, the changeover from 10 digits to 13 etc. The ISBN is 1-84528-106-3 and my copy cost 9.99.

Good luck !

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Re: ISBN ?
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You aren't alone in your quest. It is however quite a large frontier and does vary from country to country. In that respect, I'm reserved not to write a long answer with a US slant, if you aren't in the US. Know what I mean?

In general, I think it is important to have an ISBN and bar code on your book. The ISBNs are sold in lots of 10 and the numbers are coded specific per publisher of record.