Author Topic: Who has experience with LULU Self Publishing?  (Read 2641 times)


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Who has experience with LULU Self Publishing?
« on: April 05, 2007, 09:49:20 AM »
Hiya successful writers,

Easter greetings,

Ok I have a scibe question concerning publishing. Has anyone out there actually self published with LULU?
Im ready to publish my books and the publishing jungle is proving harder to navigate than good old Africa ;D
I did post some inquiries a while back and got some feedback from June which was excellent, however I am looking at different options before I make a descision due to printing costs, e-book factor and distribution.
If you are reading this and you have some helpful information, please dont click on assuming someone else will answer, I appreciate every feedback. Who knows you may need some help soon for YOUR book ;)

Happy Holidays.
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Re: Who has experinece with LULU Self Publishing?
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I've self-pubbed small works thru Lulu. I love 'um! They produce a good quality product. You'll have to do all the work yourself. Your finished book will be EXACTLY what you upload; all typos, omitted words, misplaced/missing punctuation, poor grammar, etc. Lulu offers no editing. Lulu is a printer. They do have distribution packages you can purchase in addition to having them print your book. Their prices are reasonable, as POD goes, but if you're planning to print large quantity you'll get a much better deal going through an offset printer. Their Website has complete information, tutorials, wizards, templates, and there's even a forum. You can find lots of info and guidance there. Lulu is honest and upfront about their services, and deliver on their promises. Whenever I need just a few books or manuals printed, Lulu is always my first choice. They also do e-books. I understand there's another printing service similar to Lulu located in the UK called Diggory. I've never used Diggory, so I can't comment. But I've heard some say that Diggory is better than Lulu. Perhaps you'll want to compare the two. Best wishes. 

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Re: Who has experinece with LULU Self Publishing?
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Hi Zoe,

I know some people who have used Lulu and were pleased. They recommend not getting in a hurry. Upload until you think the bugs are worked out, then order one before making it public access so you can see the thing in print. It is free until you add bells and whistles. ISBN is not a bad idea. You'll need one to get on amazon, etc.

I'm thinking of using Lulu to make ARC copies of my ms for my Beta readers. It seems that mistakes are nearly invisible until they go to print. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) So, I'm going to test it that way before I do anything else with it.

Just a thought.


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Re: Who has experinece with LULU Self Publishing?
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Nadine, that sounds like such a smart idea! Let us know how that goes!

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Re: Who has experience with LULU Self Publishing?
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2007, 08:05:29 AM »
Really glad you liked Self Publishing Secrets, Zoe. It's by Carol Anne Strange, who is a member of MWC, though I haven't seen much of her on the boards recently.

For any of you who are interested, you can read my review of Self Publishing Secrets on my blog at the URL below:

And yes, I'm giving away two extra free gifts to anyone ordering via one of the links in my review. First of all, you get my step-by-step guide to self publishing an e-book on Lulu. And second, you get a copy of 'Fifty Great Ideas for Creative Writing Teaching', the actual e-book I published on Lulu ( ).

Nick  :)
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Re: Who has experience with LULU Self Publishing?
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2007, 09:02:21 AM »
Hello Nick,

this forum, your resources and recommendations have been very helpful along the journey from idea to printed page. Its amazing how small the internet makes the world. Glad to be part of this community of scribes and book worms :D.

You all in MWC are a blessing, thanks.

Keep writing, keep happy - The world is waiting for your book (s)
Zoe aka Nancy