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As requested by several members, please use this topic to post details of your latest writing, publishing or performing successes.

There's no need to be shy or modest. It's encouraging for everyone to read other members' success stories!

Nick  :)

Ok, to quote Gyppo on my blog "someone has to get the ball rolling", so here I am.

Nick mentioned to me to post my previous posts here for you to read (again hehe):

--- Quote ---Hey guys,

Not only did I get a book contract for Survival books, I am now one of their editors too....

Then just when I thought things couldn't get any better....

Lonely Planet are considering me for a guidebook on Europe!


--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Oh yes, just when you got fed up of hearing about my book contracts I went and did it again! LOL

I am now negotiating with a rather large publisher for a craft book, and I have just been made the regional guide writer for Wales by Fisher's Travel SOS.

  ;D :o :P :-*

Ok, now I've done telling you all (I'll admit to a head swell thing, too hehe - but who else can I tell???) I'd better go and write them!!

--- End quote ---

So, there you go! Who's next?


Congratulations, Suzie, and this time not just on your success but on being the first on the new thread. We're all hoping you won't be alone here for long. :)

sadly my novels remain unpublished for now but as a journalist I am published weekly - does that count? 

Of course it counts, Bru. The tiniest success counts. I'd love to hear about yours. :)


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