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A very different story prompt challenge
« on: March 26, 2007, 11:53:35 AM »
I would guess that just about everyone has taken part in an exercise with writing prompts. Most of them will give you a phrase, or a sentence, and instruct you to use that phrase or sentence as the title, or in the work or something like that.

This challenge has a prompt, but you can NOT use it in your title, in your writing or anywhere but your mind!

The prompt is designed to make you think, to inspire you. Read it over several times, think about it, let it stew around a little in your imagination, figure out what happened before, during and after the short bit of text that is the prompt and then... then you write your story. at least 500 words, no more than 3000 words

Your story may be set previous to the event in the prompt, as long as it's blatantly evident that what is going on will lead to the prompt.

You may have it set during, as long as you do NOT quote any lines from the prompt in any way.

 You may have it set after, as long as it's blatantly obvious that the prompt is what led to what your story is describing.

===============Prompt below this line=========================

A sense of urgency had begun to grow on them and they concentrated on the road ahead, striving to reach the mountain before dark.

Just as twilight was falling, they came to a sign beside the road.

A face wearing a terrifying expression was been carved into its surface. The words 'Beware Of Ogre' were written in flowing script beneath the face.