Author Topic: Long time no see!  (Read 38 times)

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Long time no see!
« on: June 19, 2018, 12:16:30 PM »

Itís been 10+ years since I last posted here. Hope everyone is well.

I was actually searching Google for a different reason and MyWritersCircle came up and it suddenly all came flooding back. Iím not sure why I stopped posting. I went to Japan then came back home and got busy with an Access course, then went off to uni and kept forgetting to check in.

I doubt anyone remembers me but I thought Iíd pop in and say hi.

And blow me, my password worked first time! How did I manage that?

The best thing about coming back is seeing that the Crap Joke Thread I started is still going strong. Thanks for keeping it warm while I was away.

See you around.