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Submit to The Open Face Sandwich
« on: March 06, 2006, 03:50:35 PM »

The Open Face Sandwich – a journal of uncommon prose.

We’re looking for Artful Prose in the ilk of:

short stories / found fiction / freelance anthropology / children’s writing / absurdities / letters (stolen; to the dead; of love; of resignation) anonymous or authorless work / visions of apocalypse / self glorification / misinformation / guerilla redactions / existentialist pornography / reviews (of vegetables; of music that does not exist) / anything you urgently feel must be published

We are interested in prose that prods the boundaries of what is normally considered literature.

We are interested in prose that blurs it own form.

We are interested in prose that disorients, distorts, and alters the notion of what “prose” is.

We are interested in concise works of wicked and unbearable tenderness.

Please send Word or RTF file attachments to:

or mail your submission (along with a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

The Open Face Sandwich 134 New Street, Decatur GA 30030

Multiple submissions are welcome.   Tell your friends. 

Deadline: June 15th

Contributors will receive two free copies of a carefully designed, asthetically aware, durable BOOK of collected prose, on good paper, in clean type that dignifies the text. 

The Open Face Sandwich takes one-time publication rights.  All rights revert to contributors after publication.