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Children's stories wanted
« on: March 28, 2007, 06:59:28 AM »
Here's an interesting item I saw today on the excellent Writelink website (

New media development company Sevenspiral Limited is seeking fresh and quirky
childrens stories, including those suitable for early teens, for development
into graphic novels. We are creating a series of 'mobisode' comics for mobile
phones, for broadcast partners across Europe. We will be able to storyboard and
illustrate, plus add music to, your original work. We are looking for material
across all genres, particularly work which could have a strong character, and
those with a strong potential for soundtrack.

Stories selected to be used will receive a flat fee when sold onto a
broadcaster, but we cannot pay up front fees for new work before receiving.

If interested, please contact Will Pearson, Creative Director of Sevenspiral
Limited, for more information, using the contacts page of our website
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