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Re: khmer kids
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I don't know if you have heard the voice of a small, mad Cambodian woman--but,  it scared me. A monk came over to assist the two of them; I took the two girls. We found a young female monk (unusual, but there she was). She spoke English and gave us a tour of the interior of the Watt. Eventually mom and Po return with the keys. We go to the truck. I had never seen such a sad looking truck in my life--plus it was filthy. The window was brownish looking; and, gas was on empty. Po and I were in the truck; Mom left with the girls. She drives somewhat fast; so, we knew we wouldn't see her on the road. There was a gas station nearby. I bought gas and Po started washing the windows. I forgot to mention this: As we were pulling a truck around the corner in the watt, a monk stepped out. He was making a motion towards us. My first thought was--because of the brown windows that I could have hit the monk--not something I wish to do. Po told me the monk was blessing us in his way. He may have been the one who got us to the gas station. Who knows?