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Re: Getting it right first time
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Thank you, ladies, for your interest and your interesting comments!

There would be no point in writing a sequel, because I don't want to be known as a 'romance writer', at least not that type.

The 'book' in and of itself was not particularily special. As far as romance novels go, the process was more of a learning structure for me. I learned to consider the details in great depth. I learned that nothing can be written with any impact, if it is written with 'closed eyes'. The thrill comes in the smallest of details. Ambuiguity has a place too. More than anything, there is great delight in creating something from nothing. However, this effort will remain my own. I shared the contents with a co-worker, who is neither a writer or a reader, and it was sufficient for me that she was hanging on my every page. If ever I decide to print a second copy, I've promised her the 'autographed copy'. But that one ends there.

Last year, caught by surprise by a writing competition I hoped to participate in, I wrote 23,000 words in ten days. That's why Nick's 'book' caught my eye. I believed it could be done; and while I stopped shy of finishing the product, simply because I lost my momentum, the story is a good one.
I may pick it up again. It's about something called spiritual warfare. My main character ends up falling into a trap when she tries to keep her friend from hanging out with the wrong crowd. Once she experiences several losses, she forgets her friend and desperately works to find her way clear, for her own sake. She is certain that there is a way out; however, everything she tries causes her to she  experience a vacuum effect. The harder she tries to escape, the deeper she gets sucked in.

Of course, there is a way out; but because the dealings are spiritual, her mind is filled with confusion and she cannot grasp the necessary concepts with clarity. Not until she makes a life-altering decision does she realize that she doesn't have to be unwillingly enslaved. In the meantime, the plot thickens, and hers is not the only life that hangs in the balance.

I've reached about ten chapters and stopped there, because another more interesting plot grabbed my attention. It's also about spiritual warfare. That book is also on 'hold' for now.

But, I can tell you this, when I finally do begin to 'finish' what I've started, I will write many books. There is no doubt in my mind. For now though, I would like to 'thank you' Lin, for your challenge. Perhaps I'll take you up on it. Perhaps I'll go back and pick up where I've left off on at least one of my works. The only thing stopping me is a world of 'LIFE' situations that need attending.

Hmmm. Where will I find the time????? Ha!

Thanks ever so much, again...