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Exchanging experience and links
« on: January 07, 2006, 05:40:33 AM »
I think this is important for every writer
The writing was not so difficult, although I didn'd do it in four weeks as Nick Daws  :o
Finding a publisher was already a little more difficult. I first gave it in hand of a kind of agency that did all the paperwork towards the publishers. That didn't work out. I finally found a publisher and I belonged to the "published writers". I thought I had already reached the finish-line and that from that moment on everything would run by oneself.
But here I was very wrong. You are announced at and many other bookshops, but important is that you make the world known that you have written a book that is a must read for everyone.
I am a Belgian author (Flemish=Dutch) so locally there are not too many people ready to buy an english book (except friends, colleaugues and neighbours). Book signings in the local bookshops wouldn't attract too many people for the same reason.
So I made a nice website and again thought that the whole world was going to visit my site, and again I was very wrong.
I used thousands of keywords in the google and yahoo sites, but that gave hardly traffic to my website. I was looking further and tried mass mailings (I sent about 100 million so called targetted mails), but that only gave  two or three clicks on my websit. I tried Affiliation and all kinds of banners, but also that gave no result. I bought all kinds of tools that promised traffic, but that was mostly worhless. Without knowing, you are almost involved in internet-busines instead of selling your book. I can tell you that this business is very sad. The only thing they do is attract people, promissing lots of traffic to their sites, methods how you can get stinking rich in five minutes, selling all kinds of worthless e-books and not working software. So don't start this, no future for a writer in the internet business.
Something that gave a little result are the "article" sites. I started to write articles and sublitted them to these sites and that increased the traffic to my website with 30%.
Now I am going to follow the more classical way and that is making contact with press and media.
Can we exchange links here? You are on my website and I am on yours. I think it would be a nice thing if we could interconnect.
The internet is not very interested in writers. 80% is surfing the sex sites and rest is hopelessly trying to get rich without efforts.

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Re: Exchanging experience and links
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2006, 03:59:27 PM »
Hi Robert, I've heard and read much about the difficulty of getting published. As a newbie, I tend to believe most of it. This caused me to think long and hard about the reasons I write. There are, after all, easier ways to make a buck, or a pound, or whatever. I started to write about 45 years ago, got published once, then had to go about the business of paying bills, etc. I dropped writing for the longest time. Now I'm back and find that I write for the sheer joy of writing. I'm entering contests, and sometimes winning, I'm working on writing articles to expound on my unique wealth of wisdom ;D, and I'm having a ball creating a world of magic. I'm networking and getting my name out there by any means available, though I love writing novels the best. I will get published, yes, but if I were to find out today that I never will, I'll just be writing anyhow. I really appreciate your sharing the trials and tribulations you've gone through on your way to being published. You've listed some pitfalls that I can avoid. I'm quite sure other newbies will find it as informative as I have. Regards, Aelf :)


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Re: Exchanging experience and links
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2006, 11:39:27 AM »
I think many of us write for the reasons of therapy.   For me it was a book which was going around in my head for many years. Not a personal story but more of a situation which needed someone to tell the tale. I left it too long, but on the other hand I have more experience now which shows in the book.  I read through my first attempt from 1995 and thought it was rubbish and I learned from my previous mistakes, kept the same characters and started afresh.

  Perhaps I needed to do this to find out where I stand as a writer, or just to get it out of my head on to paper and then I don't have to keep saying 'one day I'll write a book.' When I started I thought  'Can I really write this?  After all Im only doing it for a hobby.'   Now at the end of it all I've got it out of my system,and I feel quite different now.   When I eventually have the book in my hand I'll believe it, but the therapeutic value to me at the moment is worth more than the money.  Ill look at the marketing etc when I can be sure it has all worked out and the book is ready to be published.

Once its in my hand, I'll probably believe it, but at the moment I can't tell you how therapeutic this has all been.   Suddenly your inner self comes alive with all those ideas which have been hiding themselves in your brain for years.   Its a big relief to write it all down.   You live the characters, you cry with them, you are happy for them and at night you go to bed wondering how you can maniupulate them to keep the story alive.  You are in control at last!  Thats very therapeutic.   

Now Ive got another book going around in my brain.   It will be called "Harry's War"   Dedicated to my Dad who was a prisoner of war in solitary confinement with the Germans.  It will be based on a true story.  It has to be written as I have all the war letters  at home and research should be relatively easy, I have contacts at Eden Camp in Malton Yorkshire and I will work with them on this.  So just as one book is on the road to completion you are already thinking about your next one - I suppose all these serial authors do it that way too.

So you see  writing is about dedication and if you get published then that's great but I think its about luck and finding the right path and not placing too much importance on the financial aspect.

I look forward to reading other experiences of why you started to write a book.



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Re: Exchanging experience and links
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2006, 01:39:22 PM »

Yes, writing is a calling, not a choice.