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Are you a self-published or indie author who have self-published several ebooks or audiobooks but have had little or no luck on Amazon or similar platforms? Or perhaps you are a script writer who is thinking about turning your scripts into novels. If so, this gig is for you. We are soon to launch an online digital book store targeting niche markets outside of the US who are hungry to read reasonably priced ebooks and audiobooks from new US writers. Here is your opportunity to break out into a new market and target new readers in your genre and make some money while at it. We are currently generating a database of between 100,000- 250,000 readers, mainly young adults, who would like to read ebooks and audiobooks in all genres particularly fiction but non fiction is also welcome. The book store will be capped at a certain number of authors so if you are interested in having your books featured, please write back to me expressing interest and more information will be provided on the submission process. Your books/audiobooks must be priced between US 0.25 cents minimum and $4.99 maximum and you will retain 90% of all royalties earned. Books priced outside of this range will not be featured in the book store for now as we aim to bring our readers bargain deals. We will accommodate those writers later. We are particularly targeting new authors but any author regardless of where they are in their career, is welcome to express interest. Please send me a short email if interested.