Author Topic: I would like some feedback on the pitch of my fantasy story, "Tears of Heaven"  (Read 132 times)

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Hi everyone,

So am working on a novel that I will be posting to Wattpad and I am super excited because it seems I will actually finish this one (my perfectionism has finally given me a break) ;D ;D. And today I came across a YouTube video that talked about an easier way to get feedback on your work before drafting which is through pitches and synopsis. I will write my synopsis at a later date but for now here is the pitch. First off I would like for you to tell me what works/what you love about the premise of the story then followed by some questions/critiques. This will help me to know what needs to be clarified, what needs to be focused on in the story and such. Also this is a more specific pitch than a general one (elevator pitch).

Alright so it turns out it's harder to write a pitch for this complex novel than I thought so here is the blurb. Let me know what you guys think.

What is a God? Whatever it is, Cheling didn't ask to be one.
With a spirit as wild and untamed as her worshippers, and ears on the brink of being nagged to death by the other members of the Pantheon, Cheling wants nothing more than to give back her Godhood to the deity who cursed her with it in the first place.

But when heartaches of the past, in the forms of an ex-lover and a disowned dark spirit thirsty for vengeance takes precedence in her life, Cheling must seek refuge in the very one she despises for giving her such existence.

With the underworld at her heels, and a band of misfit mortals as her arm and aid, Cheling must save herself before the worse happens. Otherwise, she would have no choice but to drag all of heaven and earth down with her.