Author Topic: LF: Beta readers - MG Fantasy (Pre-colonial Philippines lore-inspired)  (Read 169 times)

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Hi everyone! I’m looking for beta readers for my MG Fantasy book. It’s 93k words long, and inspired by pre-colonial Philippine folklore (specifically, Visayan lore). I’ve done a few revisions of this book already, but at this point, I’m badly needing feedback on big picture stuff (what you think works and what doesn’t, what drags, what’s confusing, or if you think there’s information overload at any point in the book). If anyone’s interested in beta reading a few chapters, or maybe the entire book, please let me know!

I don’t have a formal summary for it yet but here’s a short blurb to give you an idea of what the book is about.

The island of Tandaya was never at rest.

Not with the fiends lurking inside the Charred lands, nor with the escalating tension between the timawa and babaylan.

But then there’s the girl, the sea, and her stories.

Idla was convinced she had everything she would ever need. Everything outside her bubble was only noise: friends who called her strange, parents who thought her useless, a village with no expectations of her.

But one night, a golden-cloaked babaylan burst open the roof above Idla’s head and showed her the vast sky and all the possibilities it offered.

And suddenly, Idla wanted more.


This is a story of an introverted child who feels the first spark of ambition. After a chance encounter with a babaylan (a person claimed by a guardian spirit/familiar, who then can wield nature and its elements by entering into contracts with the different nature spirits and gods), a fire starts to burn inside Idla’s chest—the desire to be someone who matters, the desire to be someone great. But Idla learns that there is only so much you can do with the cards dealt to you.  So, when Idla gets the chance to cheat her way to an opportunity, can anyone really blame her for taking it?

You can message me here or send me an email at

Thank you!

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We get a lot of this type of post, authors wanting us (the readers) to come to them I often wonder how much success they meet with. In the world of swipe right/look inside, you (the writer) have a very narrow window of opportunity to engage your audience. If you're ready to put it out there then do just that; put it out there in either of The Gallery or the Review My Work forums. If you build it (and it's good enough) we will come. I'll champion any cause I think worth championing. But meet me halfway, please. Luck.
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Hello! I would be open to a swap if you want. Here's my blurb. It's a YA historical fantasy set in medieval Japan.

After years of being hunted, Kiyomi is done fighting for people’s acceptance. She is half-yōkai, with the blood of an evil and powerful spirit. All the Warriors’ efforts to kill her have failed: while they wield elements of nature with their body movements, she can control plants with only her mind. She is unstoppable…at least, that’s what she wants to believe.

Then, after years of silence, her father finally stands up for her safety—and he is murdered for it. Kiyomi suspects the samurai Masamori, the leader of the Warriors in this new city. But before she can avenge her father's death, she needs proof. She’ll play along with Masamori’s story about training her to be a Warrior…and then she will kill him.

But there’s one person who keeps getting in her way: Jacob, a foreigner training with her. Although Jacob says he wants to help her find her father’s killer, Kiyomi knows better. She can’t afford to trust him, or she will be the next one found dead on the tatami mats.