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God Bless America- from Heartsongs Diary
« on: February 08, 2022, 08:16:42 PM »
Other countries
down my country,
The United States
of America- for
having no honor
when their own
leaders don't
have any.

Many foreign
operate illegally
in the USA through
their pimps.

China's leaders
have no honor
and have tarnished
the names of past
Chinese leaders who

Millions of Americans
lost their livelihoods
and homes to greedy
men and women- who
use loop-holes in the US
Constitution as
legal ways to enter
the USA and set up

They say that ignorance
is bliss, that what one
don't know won't hurt

Well. In the case of
foreign governments
working inside our
American borders to
chip away at our right
to life, liberty, and
justice; what Americans
don't know is destroying
everything good and
decent about our country.

I often wondered about
the power some businesses
in North Carolina seem to

I would suggest if our
country is to remain in
the hands of the American
people...that, AMERICANS
start acting like American,

1. stop buying foreign made

2. stop throwing money away
on the stock market-that was
rigged from the start, over
100 years ago.

3. start demanding town, city,
state and federal governments
not put your retirement money
in the pockets of big banks...
who then send it out of our
country to their counterparts
on the other side of the

4.Let US politicians know
we [the American people] are
fed up with our governments
'policing the world policies]

5. Pray [our nation is a nation
founded on a higher power Americans
call "God] that People worldwide
are as fed up with the elite few, as
we the American people are.
God bless America,

p.s. Let those claiming double
citizenship know anyone living
in the USA claiming citizenship
in other countries are unfit to
be called American citizens.
           -Jan Tetstone
7:16 pm February 9, 2022
Be who you are...not everyone will like you but those that matter will. jt