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About me:  53, full time attorney who always dreamed of writing fantasy novels but never did it.  I have sat down to start hundreds of times over the years, and have a box full of notes of story ideas.  Anyway, I am committed to starting now and seeing this through to complete my first novel.

About 20 years ago, I was in an in-person writers circle with half dozen others and we met bi-weekly and reviewed and discussed each others' work.  I found that to be fun and useful, but I moved away a few months after joining, so my experience was limited.

I'd like to join or start a new group with aspiring writers.  In my old group, people could write any genre, and it included poets, short story authors, a person working on a children's book, etc., and that worked fine, so I don't think it's mandatory for everyone to write the same genre.  However,  I could see value in having the writers all focus on the same genre, too.  If I were to start this and had too many people interested, I would probably give preference to fantasy/litrpg aspiring novelists.

The way my old group worked, every 2 weeks we'd meet and, at that time, people could circulate what they had written that they wanted reviewed.  Generally, not everyone had a submission ready every 2 weeks, so we'd have maybe 4-5 submissions averaging maybe 10-20 pages every 2 weeks.  Then we'd spend a couple hours going over our thoughts on the stuff circulated 2 weeks earlier.  That system seemed to work pretty well.  I might be open to meeting weekly, but it can be hard to get a group to meet up consistently every week, or to complete a good review of everyone else's stuff each week.  Anyway, frequency of meetings can be subject to change based on group preference.

I think there was a page limit on submissions in my old group, so some one could not submit 200 pages they'd been working on and expect everyone to review it before the next meeting, but I think we can deal with page limits on a case-by-case basis.

My old group met at a coffeehouse next to a bookstore.  However, as is probably obvious, I'm envisioning an online meeting using Zoom or some other group video-chat service.  So, basically, we all make our own coffee and participate from the comfort of our own homes.  We can circulate our writing submissions via e-mail or cloud service.

The number of people in such a group has to be limited.  I'm thinking 5-7 people.  And it's pretty sure that not everyone is going to be a good fit, and life can come up and interrupt some people's ambitions, so there might be some people dropping out and then being replaced, but optimally through this process, we might find a group of 5-7 people who work well together and have fun.  I saw a lecture on YouTube by Brandon Sanderson saying he still is actively participating in the same writer's circle he joined in college 20 years earlier, and still finds their input extremely valuable.

If you have a current writer's circle that you think I might fit in, let me know.  In case that does not happen, I'm looking to start my own and, if you want in, send me a message with some info about you (why you want to join, what you hope to achieve as a writer, your preferred genre, etc.), and I'll sort it out.

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Looking to join or start small online writer's circle (6-7 people)
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