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Looking for Beta Readers for a fantasy novel
« on: February 07, 2022, 07:49:53 AM »
I'm not sure if this is against any guidelines (sorry!) but I'm halfway through a manuscript and I have my editor booked, but she recommended I get some beta readers first. I'm not interested in abusive "feedback" as seems to be quite normal on this site which makes me cringe a little. I am interested in quality, critical feedback. I am not paying. If the contributions are significant, the standard procedure is a mention in the acknowledgements (prior approval will be sought) and a free copy of the published manuscript.

My [half] novel is approximately 55,000 words. It is a FANTASY-ADVENTURE novel with a female mc. I would love to emulate the style of some of my favourite authors: Juliet Marillier, Maria V. Snyder, Fiona McIntosh, Richelle Mead, JK Rowling. If you like these authors also, please consider reading my manuscript. You're my people :)

If this is something you would be interested in, please email me:

Here is the opening of A Journey of Sand & Darkness:


Chapter One
The cold seeped into the back of Fabianís head, now resting against the cold stones. She was beaten.
Her opponentís gaze was piercing. Much like the point of her rapier pressed against Fabianís collar. Snickers came from the couple sparring unarmed beside them. She sighed. 
Observing the tall, raven-haired girl from her horizontal vantage point, Fabian rolled her eyes. Such unabashed mockery.
Sunlight shot through the windows of the large hall in thick, solid pillars. Dust particles drifted and danced to a music long dead. They made for challenging blind spots if sparring got spritely. The woeful stalemate happened to be in one such blind spot at this moment, yet Errys' eyes didn't falter.
Fabian let her head loll backward once again, allowing a small gap to form between the rapier and the tender flesh of her throat. Swiftly kicking upward, the rapier was launched clean from Errysí grasp and sent sailing behind her to clatter uselessly against the wall. Flipping backwards, Fabian leapt up in a ready fighting stance. Errys, as always, recovered quickly and punched her in the face.
"Argh," Fabian held her stinging nose in one hand.
"Sorry," She didn't look even a little guilty. Wriggling her eyebrows, Fabian alleviated some of the blockage in her sinuses.
"Love and war, Errys. Never liked my nose anyway."
Errys sighed, tossing her sweat-soaked top to the side. ďItís not broken. Donít be so dramatic.Ē
She strode to her discarded rapier, scooping up Fabianís on her way back and holding it patiently as Fabian held a sleeve to her bleeding face. Looking down to the other end of the cavernous training hall, the combat master was staring intently at another of their group as they slowly circled one another. However, Fabianís attention was on her smirking audience.
They had had enough entertainment from Fabien and resumed their own sparring. Marlen tried to shake out her left wrist while Andella watched, seeking an opening.
Suddenly they were at each other; a flurry of jabs and feints, twists and twirls. An exotic, deadly dance until Andella stumbled back, clutching her throat. Leaning forward and bracing her hands on her knees, Andella wheezed heavily, her ample bosom heaving. She placed her fingers on either side of her jugular, wincing, and popped it back out from where Marlen had crushed it inwards. Andella coughed and gagged a little. Marlen patted her on the back, grinning triumphantly.
Fabian looked around at her fellow contego in training. The six would be a handsomely uniform crew if not for Errys' height, Andella's huge chest, Marlen's gods awful posture and Fabianís ruddy hair. Years ago, the contego consisted of the twelve members from the twelve noble houses. After a few hundred years of declining birthrates, it died down to eight and now, six.
Fabian would have been happy to not hold such an honoured position as a future contego. There was too much training, too much studying, and far too much effort. Especially for all the good it does- or would ever- do her. She was the only one compelled to be here and the only one destined to reap the least. As much as she loved her friends, it was like playing a game where no matter what she did, she would never win.
It was in the rules.
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