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Beta readers wanted for YA Urban Fantasy


Hi everybody!

I'm looking for beta readers for my manuscript titled The Ghosts of Harnet Avenue, a romantic YA urban fantasy set in Eritrea, Africa. Thank you in advance! The following is the blurb:

After Natsnet Berhane survives death, she discovers that she has acquired the ability to see ghosts. Even worse, they can now see her too. Forced into a contract with the aptly named Society of the Souls (S.O.S.), she is expected to risk her life cleansing ghosts. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she is partnered up with incompetent and carefree Zorro.

Zorro might be incompetent but carefree he is not. Once a human himself, he is currently a spirit guide in the service of the S.O.S and his longing to once again be human has repeatedly gotten him into trouble. Having broken one too many Society rules, he is given the chance to redeem himself by becoming mentor to a young ghost cleanser.

When the pair of misfits is ordered to deal with the notorious and impossible to cleanse Ghosts of Harnet Avenue or face obliteration by the S.O.S., Natsnet and Zorro have to set aside their differences and learn to work together. Falling in love in the process is a complication neither of them needs.


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