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Just the American in me coming out
« on: January 10, 2022, 10:45:30 PM »

The  U.S. Supreme Court's  January 22, 1973,ruling in Roe vs. Wade recognized that women could only participate freely and equally in society if they have the right to end the life of an unwanted- unborn child, after its life has begin. Since the 1973 decision, an estimated 62 million American lives have been lost to government instituted abortion.That's more lives lost than the American lives lost in battle during the American Revolution- 4,435, the War of 1812- 2,260, WWI-53,402 , WWII -291,557, Korean War33,739, VietNam War-47,434, and the Gulf war combined.

America’s Wars Total (1775 -1991)
U.S.Military Service during Wartime 41,892,128
Battle Deaths 651,031
Other Deaths (In Theater)308,800
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 230,254
Non-mortal woundings 1,430,290
Living War Veterans 14,918,000
Living Veterans(Periods of War & Peace) 19,210,000

The men and women who died in battle deserve nothing but respect from every American. They were all willing to die for life and liberty. It's time to not just claim to be American but to start acting like Americans. It wasn't the American people who decided life was so cheap-it was the United States Supreme Court Judges who devalued human life on American soil. 

With fertility rates that are below the replacement level in most countries around the world,including the United States; and so many lives being lost to government sanctioned abortion worldwide everyday; I want to know why the 'covid vaccine' is being pushed on citizens who choose not to take the shot;It can't be to saves lives;Respect for human life come to a rapid-halt in 1973;Why, after years of Americans dying from the flu and pneumonia by the thousands every year;is covid symptoms identical to the symptoms for flu and pneumonia; Did researcher suddenly find a cure!?

To all you so called leaders, including President Joe Biden, who are pushing for a covid vaccine mandate: MY BODY! MY CHOICE!
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