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Hey, people. I'm happy to swap with authors writing in similar genres (any of the three), but equally happy to just send on the manuscript to potential readers. If this at all interests you, send me a message or reply below. Cheers for reading!


It is 2146, and for all the colour and sound humanity is used to, their world is poorly understood. General-capacity artificial intelligences are outlawed while human enhancement is largely the domain of the wealthy, and yet elements of the human elite fear and plot against threats unknown to the public.

An archaic tugboat arrives on the artificial shore of the tectstead metropolis, Atlica-3, carrying a young woman by the name of Jeanette Everly. Obviously inhuman, obviously some product of bleeding-edge milspec augmentation, yet her motives and capabilities exist off the grid when all the world is firmly rooted in facts and information. When Jeanette raids the fortified warehouse of one of the city's major arms manufacturers - Achilles Miltech - the company's CEO, a Lord William Oakham, is dragged into a corporate mystery that the man himself seems peculiarly comfortable with...


She fiddles inside her denims then reaches down the front of her tank-top, retrieving an inch-length of silicon. Twisting about Jeanette dials it for ten thousand, locks it with a thumb print, then extends the cold chip to Miller, yet to react. Everyone’s so bloody slow. Figured he’d be eager to get on with work. The man crosses the jetty at a brisque stride, rushing up to meet her on the concrete.

‘A little extra,’ she says, ‘for good service.’

Miller takes it, eyes it, nods and smiles. ‘Easiest client I’ve had. You sure you need nothing else, girl?’

She feigns a smile, shakes her ponytail. ‘No. I’m here, aren’t I? Atlica, heart of the free world.’

Miller snorts. ‘Ain’t free if you ain’t paying.’

Content Warnings

Sex, drug use, gory violence, sexual violence, crude language.

Desired Feedback

I'm interested to get general opinions on the work. Views on characterisation, flow of the plot and quality of the ending, quality of the dialogue, etcetera. Nothing is really undesirable, here, as I'm in need of reader's opinions. Treat it like any novel, and let me know, basically.

Preferred Timeline

Ideally within one to two months; I have plenty of work to be getting on with, so it's not an urgent rush, though any longer than two months will have to be stated up-front.

Google Docs Link

Chapters 1-10:

Chapters 11-20:

Chapters 21-31:
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