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Merry Christmas
« on: December 25, 2021, 10:24:20 AM »
T'is no longer
the season
to be merry
and celebrate
the birth of
T'is the season
to search
your heart and
soul, for the
true meaning
of why Jesus
died, so long

Time can not
be changed
but clocks and
calendars can.

An hour ahead
an hour back
back and forth
How can we
the birth of
he was born
stars were out
Think about the
way the earth
turns when it's
night on the
other side of the
earth it's day
in the USA.

This world is
filled with
trickery and
greed ...

No longer
are the souls
of men safe..
for a present
under a tree
Christmas has
evolved into
just another
day .. and the
greedy rejoice
at the prices
we pay.

Maybe, it's time
to start counting
blessings instead
presents under a

One don't have
to step through
church doors
to accept Jesus
into their life.

The knowledge of
of Jesus is in
the faithfuls'

Be thankful for
Christmas day
it is a day for
giving and sharing
for those who
live according
to the Christian
faith. or for those
who grew up believing
Christmas is just
a legal holiday.

I don't go to
I carry my church
with me...
While as a child I
learn about Jesus
in church; it was
later in life I met
Jesus...and since
then he has never
left my side.

Children long remember
what they are taught
What is Christmas Day?
Christmas day is
a man made holiday.

The followers of
Jesus trust their hearts
before they'd trust
the words of men...

Jesus is the light
and the there
nothing under the tree
let not the worldly
rob you of your faith.
       -Jan Tetstone
12:08 am December 25, 2021
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