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Thoughts -about being human
« on: December 22, 2021, 11:25:28 AM »
There's an evil in this world
we awaken to each day...None
can see it-none can hear it
but all can see the evil done.

As human beings we share
fundamental needs naturally
Without food and water death's
sting would end the need.

Without shelter from snow storms
human beings would wither into
a memory that none would be
left behind to remember.

Without love's light to guide
human beings through the dark that
rules in the world human beings
would lose sight of what it
truly means to be both human
and spiritual.

The eyes of love resides in the
heart and if we are to survive
we must let the heart guide
us through the dark. 
       -Jan Tetstone
11:04am December 22, 2021
Be who you are...not everyone will like you but those that matter will. jt