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Mystery-Adventure Language Learning Game
« on: December 20, 2021, 02:01:54 PM »
Hi! I'm Santi, I'm a Game Designer working on a language learning video game focused on engaging storytelling and characters. We believe language is best learned not through study and repetition but through curiosity and fun, and so we aim to make original and interesting stories aimed at young adults and older audiences.

We have a free-form type mechanic, you can say or do whatever you want, to which the world and NPCs (should) respond accordingly.  So we thought, who could be the protagonist of a game in which you ask questions back and forth? The answer was a Private Investigator. Assume the role of Penelope Ingram P.I., and solve cases that involve family feuds, deceit, plotting, intrigue, and of course, romance!

We're looking for beta readers for Penny's first case while we work on implementation, so we can have a better take on what works and what doesn't storywise.

Here's a Google Doc link to the script.

Feel free to add comments and suggestions directly to the document or leave your impressions here. I'm very happy to reply to your every question. Thanks a lot in advance.