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Meaning of Life -poem
« on: December 11, 2021, 12:24:41 PM »
What burdens one carries today
are the products of yesterday.
Some memories would tear one apart
if allowed to roam free in memory.

It's not a perfect world- it's
unbalanced ,hanging and existing
on a string...
and humanity controls and
determines the direction
justice will swing.

The world gets blamed for many
things that men do....Until, each
of us learn to accept the blame
for what we do or do not do...
times in the world can only get
harder for all, except for the few.

No longer can the old look forward
to a peaceful sleep or the laboring
find appreciation for jobs well done
Forgotten the meaning of the family
called humanity--
true brotherhood uncontrolled by
lust and greed.

This world was here before we were born
We were born that one day with all
our differences we might learn the
importance of life itself...overcome OUR
human weaknesses and blanket the
world in peace.

When the eyes of humanity beholds
the light of peace- all will be well
with this world and we each will move on
to what this world prepared us for...
the known and unknown.

Live the day doing what feels right to you
Like evil that grows when its fed...
good needs its food, too.

Hold high your shield of faith....
always prepared to face the evil that is
sent your way.   -Jan Tetstone

12:01pm December 11, 2021
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