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Scientia [Sci-fi,425 words,Beginning of story]
« on: November 28, 2021, 04:01:59 PM »
“Nothing shocks me,I’m a scientist.”

“What about electricity? That should definitely shock you.”

Clara drops a book she was putting on her shelf while Erin chuckles as always.She picks it back up and begins unpacking another box.The smell of hospitals still coming from it and only being blocked by her own diffusers.

“If you weren’t my best friend,it would be very hard not to kill you right now.”

Erin hands her another box full of books and sits on her office chair.

“This one was pretty good,you gotta admit.”

“No it was not,Electricity is a phenomenon associated with stationary or moving electric charges.”

“So no,electricity will not shock me either.Now hand me the rest of those books.”

Erin gets off the chair and heads across the small office to the door where the rest of the boxes are and brings over some more.

“You know clinics usually smell better than this.”

“It's not a clinic,It's going to be my lab, Erin.”

“Right scientist and all that.” he snarks.

“You know one of the pros of being a scientist is I know very well how to hurt people.”

She stabs the scissors with more force into another box.
Erin gets cut off before he can continue his comedy routine by Clara’s phone going off.She struggles to find under all the books on her desk but finally picks it up and is quietly listening for a while.

Guess they get shocked after all.She races for her coat which is covered in the same hospital smell as the boxes and runs out of the door with Erin yelling after her asking a million questions.

She rushes down the stairs and through multiple hallways and doors to her building’s exit and runs through the puddles reflecting the sign of the building behind her.

‘Muhafiz’ is bright and neon-like in the puddles,the refraction of light making it seem foggier and like an illusion almost similar to Clara’s feeling of finally getting this job.She gets in her company provided Tiac and hurriedly presses her home address on the interface.

“Taking you home,Clara.Hope you had a good day at work!”

Masnoi’s avatar says in its usual bright tone. 

“Please get me there as quickly as you can Masnoi - my day is about to get bad.”
Clara says in between sighs

“Getting to Class 5,Station 4 as soon as I possibly can Clara!”

 Masnoi’s avatar does a saluting motion and turns the screen off.

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Re: Scientia [Sci-fi,425 words,Beginning of story]
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2021, 12:11:33 AM »
Thank you for writing this.  It's excellent!  It seems like it's going to be a light-hearted perhaps madcap sci-fi story.  I like the opening joke, carried forward, about not being or being shocked.  You created some suspense because now I want to know exactly what has happened.  I also like the tech in the car.  Is it a flying car?  Perhaps you could drop in some other tech throughout this intro...  I look forward to reading more!