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seeking reviewer for short story
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Scene 1

I have been here for five days. With me is professor Jacobson. Miss till.

My name  is Richardson.
Here if you must know is the orbital station Omega.

We are orbiting an unknown planet similar to earth; it has one tiny continent mostly surrounded by a large ocean. We are many light-years from earth, This is the furthest an orbiter has been from our home planet earth.

Scene 2

I have  left the orbital station. now amleaving behind the older astronaut Doctor Richardson and the female miss till.

Scene 3

The hovercraft Richardsod malfunctions and his ship starts to crash towards the surface of the planet.It is a miracle beyond all miracles the gravitational pull from the planet did not turn this ship into a hot fireball.

Scene 4

As Richardson gets out of the ship,which is now trashed he finds a gorilla with a rifle in hand. coming after him .He immediately yells out" get the hell away from me you mongloids or whatever strange creatures you are! and precedes to run as fast as he can go. His heart is racing and fight or flight responses are kicking in.

Richardson was getting tired of running he must of been running for hours and sweat was pouring all over his body Furiously.

I realized I must find a spot the creature could not get him or he would easily get picked off and die. There was no way he could fight the gigantic-sized creature with what looked like a rifle in hand with a strange stare theMongloid continued pursuing the human. and a ugly  Mongloid one at that!.
I then  see a female dressed in leaves she nervously motions him to follow him.

They go into a tunnel as he nervously holds the young girl's hands he sees an ancient subway and other artifacts." some type of natural Disaster or war has decimated a once flourishing civilization .

The astronaut thought and these dam dirty apes" Richardson thinks to himself.

am presuming they want their stinking paws on humans!.

She takes the astronaut to a small colony where different humans live. The humans are of different age groups. Later she feeds the astronaut and they make passionate love in her room.

She falls asleep on her bed and Richardson lays down beside her wondering if he will ever see her home again.

Elsewhere a group of  Mongloids are examining the crashed ship.

The Mongloids that was chasing Richardson is speaking to an  older looking Mongloid  .who is where the leader of the alien is the speaking a very strange language a mix of German and Japanese.