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Patriotic Poem
« on: November 06, 2021, 08:41:04 PM »
This day has given me insight
and my heart is heavy
for no man [or men] are god
tho some think themselves
to be.....

If you asked me today
why I love my country so
my answer to you would be:

Regardless of an American's
color or creed.
In the United States of America
they can worship as they please.

Our freedom doesn't depend
on people from any other country
to keep Americans free.

For freedom loving Americans know
what duty comes with their right
to live and die under the flag
of liberty.

Always, We [the majority]
Stand guard over the Liberty Tree.
and our right [and the right of all]
to live the American Dream.
     -Jan Tetstone
2:41pm November 6, 2021
Be who you are...not everyone will like you but those that matter will. jt