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Thoughts from Jan Tetstone's poetry Diary
« on: November 04, 2021, 08:06:57 PM »
We all are born
with inner eyes
to see inner
things that the
outer eyes cannot

We all are born
with feelings that
show on our face
as smiles, anger,
happiness or

We all have minds
and, an inner world
of thoughts
to think on everyday.

We all have a heart
that shows itself
in different ways.

From the heart our
love flows out into
the lives of others
or out into the
emptiness of nowhere.

There are answers
to every question
under the sun but
some answers won't
be made known
until after our race
has been run.

Live in the day
the way you want
to be remembered.
-Jan Tetstone
12:02pm November 3, 2021
Be who you are...not everyone will like you but those that matter will. jt