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What Noise More
« on: September 29, 2021, 11:49:25 PM »
It is sometimes hard to catch
the steady beat of the Earth's
outer shell. Clashing land masses
meet tortured souls twisting like rivets--
the bonds between us. We prayed for
a sweeter tune. A quiet, invisible storm
within the body human, a living change
like a torrid affair of a she-devil and 'Her' city.
Would it consume me to breathe fiery, inept exculpations 
on our imagined sanctity and eternal blisses.

It will, you know. The earth devours us all, in time.
It feasts like me, fat on the brow-sweat of strangers--
what a moment to be alive! I swear these ideations are just
the social-distancing-thing talking. Bet you can hear the voices, too:
Another Hot 100 song turns over in my head, pours through--
the nature preserves, like a blanket of smoke, visibility nil.
All the words that could force us to the end seemed
to have been spoken in no time, at all.
How much longer to avoid the final disposition?

 Left wanting, like the very Moon,
its gaze fixed on these comedies of error,
never to glimpse back at what might have been.
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Re: What Noise More
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2021, 06:30:44 PM »
ARM I really enjoyed reading this.
My favorite line: "The earth devours us all, in time. "

So true.