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Dear Brian Laundrie
« on: September 18, 2021, 05:22:22 PM »
Dear Brian Laundrie:

Like most Americans, I see the media circus outside your parent’s home in nearby North Port, Florida. They are exercising their 1st Amendment rights to free speech and assembly just as you are exercising your 5th Amendment right to not self-incriminate by speaking with the police regarding your girlfriend, Gabby Petito’s, disappearance. Like the Fred Phelps supporters protesting at the funerals of dead veterans, an incredibly unpopular activity supported by the Supreme Court of the United States in an 8-1 ruling, watching the exercise of Constitutional rights isn’t always pretty or pleasant, however, there is no Constitutional right to not be offended or to not have your feelings hurt. And that’s exactly what I’d tell your missing girlfriend’s parents.

Does it look badly that you’re staying silent? Of course. But I’d rather look badly internationally for a brief period, as collectively we have an incredibly short memory and I’m sure Joe Biden is very grateful for you taking the media’s attention from the thousand Americans he left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and the 11,000 illegal aliens shitting under the bridge at our southern border, than I would rot in prison for the rest of my natural life. Or worse.

Your Constitutional right to not self-incriminate is an excellent bargaining chip. You can trade the location of her body for immunity, but watch these bastards as their word is about as valuable as Biden’s. Just ask Bill Cosby. Cosby traded his 5th away in a deposition in a sexual assault lawsuit, but the prosecutorial scum reneged and used his testimony against him in his criminal rape case. You can’t trust these pricks as far as you can throw them. Fortunately for Cosby and the Constitution, he had an appeals judge that understood that a deal is a deal and he was set free, never to be charged again. Yours had better be ironclad.

Is that sad for Cosby’s victims? Is this sad for Gabby’s parents and family? Yes, but there is no Constitutional protection against sadness as there is for self-incrimination. A thousand unpunished rapists will not be the end of our country, however, the end of our Constitutional protections against the actions of our own government means that the terrorists will have won. And the terrorists you have to look out for don’t come from the 8th century with beards and funny headgear. They look just like you and me.

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. VP Kamala Harris does not, as she demonstrated at Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings with her support of rape fantasist Christine Blasey Ford. It was “Get Kavanaugh, no matter what”; you share the same adversaries. They’ve taped the metaphorical “person of interest” bullseye right over your heart.

I’ve read about the scratches the police found on your arms after the two of you argued. I watched the police in Fremont, Ohio, “lose” the incriminating photographs of my dying brother’s defensive bruises on his forearms inflicted by my well-connected but insane ex-sister-in-law. Just so you know with whom you’re dealing. Violence against men is late-night-comedian joke material; just ask John Wayne Bobbit or peruse Facebook. Women, not so much.

If you are found guilty of a crime in a fair trial by a jury of your peers, expect me to join the call for swift and sure justice, however, right this minute you’re guilty of nothing but exercising a right many Americans have died and been injured to protect. Out of respect and obligation for their sacrifices, I offer my 2nd Amendment rights to you if needed. I’ll put a bullet between the eyes of anyone who touches a hair on your head and sleep like a baby that night.