Author Topic: Seeking Beta Readers for New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel (please!)  (Read 412 times)

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First time author just looking for some solid feedback (positive and/or negative) about my novel before I break into the scary word of self-publishing.

Here is the story's gist:
Mia Kaplan lives an unassuming life tending bar at a local music dive in downtown Chicago. When an up-and-coming band takes up residency, not only does she have to play nice to every fangirl that walks in the place, she also has to deal with the cocky, yet irresistibly handsome lead singer. With her brother's growing juvenile record, her father's drunken tantrums, and the unwanted (albeit entertaining) attention of this singer who has set his sights on her, Mia has to decide if she's ready to break down her carefully built walls.

Feel free to comment or message/DM me if you're interested in reading it! Thank you thank you thank you!  :)

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Re: Seeking Beta Readers for New Adult Contemporary Romance Novel (please!)
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Hi. I would be interested in reading your work. It sounds like an intriguing story. You can email it to me at if you would like.