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Temporary -poem
« on: July 19, 2021, 11:28:31 AM »
The rich reach for things
they cannot obtain
Tho good intentions be
in the beginning many
take credit for many has fallen
into decay on the beds
where many a rich man lay.

One does not help
the world by neglecting
the needs of the world's

The hands of the wealthy
no longer move the hands
of justice in any land
where the few demand
justice be placed in
more intelligent hands.

Life is much to precious
to allow the desires of
evil men and women to be
fulfilled at the expense of
the hopes and dreams
of the many.

There is no hope, nor
can there be, in any land
where the rich get 'high'
believing they control
man's destiny.

Tho men and women may die
penniless in worldly things,
as the greedy gobble up
everything their riches can
buy.... a faithful man will
gain greater treasures
when he dies.

Indeed there will be many
rich whose hearts were
in the right place, and who
died not knowing their
part in breaking the dreams
carried in many a poor man's

Live this moment knowing
everything worldly belongs
to the world and is only
temporary. What is awaiting
will be for an eternity.
11:13am July 19, 2021
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Re: Temporary -poem
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Re: Temporary -poem
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