Author Topic: A Poem To About My Future  (Read 292 times)

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A Poem To About My Future
« on: May 23, 2021, 08:53:09 PM »
Hi Guys I’m 18 new to writing but want your honest opinion on my poem “To My Future”.
"To My Future" is about a moment to which I saw my two uncles physically fight each other over money in front of the entire family including one of their 10 year daughter's, this is not out of the ordinary for my family so in writing I guess I came to the conclusion that I would be wrong to have a family and bring an innocent child into my world of money brawls and long-lasting strenuous arguments.

To My Future


I remember, it was only yesterday.
When I saw middle aged toddlers
One a narcissist the other on the devil’s highway.
The anger of swaddlers,
Wreckless DNA.
Anger is red
Jealousy is green
I am dirt,
The rainbow of bloodshed
Hands unclean
At Least I am inert
Clean pristine,
Skin olive green,
I am corrupted by the mean.
I am scared of what I may become
Surrounded by opportunities of a large sum,
I will not cave to see me ruled by income.
I will not scramble on the floors of my father
I will not smash a face without bother
I will not see my child in tears for my actions
I will not allow my family split into factions
Trust me when I say
Your car is safe
I will not smash it with a bottle of Moёt.
I will not let my child be a waif.
If you see me with a foot or fist,
I have failed. I see no reason to exist.
I will beg and barter to survive
But the day you see me red in a four-wheel drive.
Take me, take all that I have and all that I love
I will deserve nothing from you or above.
I would deserve to be alone
And if I raised you right you would disown
Me, make me know I failed
And I don't care how detailed
If I become what I hate
A life you should negate
I wish for your detest
I would deserve to feel obsessed, distressed, depressed
And forgotten.
Leave me gutted and rotten.
I never wish to see that day
But if I become my families cliché
I cannot imagine what I would become
I cannot heave my heart beyond tongue
I will love and I hope you know that
I don't know where I’ll be at
But I would go to the ends of the Earth for you
And back. But for now I bid you adieu,
I think best we not meet
I wish not to corrupt you by inherit deceit.
But you will live in my mind,
You will always be chubby-cheeked, perfect, kind
And devine. In my mind I dedicate a shrine.
Something so perfect will be hard to design.
I wish I could sing you a lullaby
I wish you were always nearby
I am young, I am immature
But you exist in my mind, a work of coutore.
You are a model faultless, flawless and absolute.
A fact, I cannot allow myself to dilute.
I cannot create you because I am broken,
I cannot be right to allow you to feel as I do, heartbroken.
I have to leave our talks forever unspoken
I want to see you learn your abc
It's not you, it's me
I love you and I hope you agree
But you do not deserve to be.

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Re: A Poem To About My Future
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2021, 02:02:10 PM »
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