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The structure of a custom writings review depends entirely on the requirements for it. But there are two peculiarities that must necessarily be taken into account when writing such a work.

Firstly, the author's thoughts should be presented in the form of small sketches, intertwined with each other. Secondly, each sketch should have a rationale, so that there was a clear idea of what the author tells.

Many high school and college students often ask the question - what to write in an essay? The essay can contain facts, phenomena from public sources, some kind of life events. It's best to use this approach - one conclusion and three justifications on it. In this way, the essay will get a kind of ring structure. In the end, it will look as follows:

A typical outline of an essay
The theses and arguments;
Also note that both the introduction and the conclusion should clearly focus on the problem. The introduction should describe the problem and the conclusion should summarize the solution. The essay should be divided into paragraphs of 3-4 sentences each. Red lines are used, a clear connection between paragraphs is established. This is necessary to achieve the integrity of the work.

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