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That's Life
« on: May 30, 2021, 09:31:47 PM »
I was born, to live and die
like all born are born to do.
I was raised to believe good
out weighs the bad, regardless
of what one goes through.

With loving hands to guide me
in my growing years, it still
took a lot of falling down,
heartache and tears, to teach
me "to myself I must be true."

There will always be memories
of tear filled years...but
there will always be memories
without tears, too.
11:26 pm February 4, 2020

Yesterday, a piece of my heart
flew away, void of its rightful
place, my heart smiled at
the thought of what awaits at
the end of my heart's journey.

You can use my love to hurt me,
just as, no doubt, my love has
hurt you, else you would not
hate me so.

God, take my hand this day
Put understanding in my heart
for the road I journey down
is filled with unknown dark.

From my yesterday's
I enter my tomorrow
after passing through
the day.
Guide me ,Lord, the
rest of the way.
9:39am February 2, 2020
Interesting the way the internet really works.   jt jt