Author Topic: What am I doing here?  (Read 1054 times)

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Re: What am I doing here?
« Reply #15 on: November 08, 2021, 01:27:46 AM »
Good question; I'm glad someone asked that.

I've done a little writing - technical articles, poems, lots and lots of journaling.  I've taken writing or poetry workshops with Cecilia Woloch, Michael Curtis, Major Jackson, others, and of course I've done lots of reading.

I'm 68 and I've had a weird, eclectic nonlinear life.   I've done art, science and engineering the whole time, but more science and engineering in the early days and more art these days.  I paint, take photos, make videos and write the music for them.  My paintings and photos have sold in galleries; I travel to exotic places to do wildlife photography and I work with models in my studio.  My website is and I'm pnArtV on Vimeo. I was happily married for 27 years until death did us part.  I've had many surgeries; I've had many cats; I've had many lovers; right now I'm having a passionate affair with a 67-yo widow.  Things and people vanish and reappear in my life, time stops, speeds up and goes into reverse. Memories can't be trusted. Incidents and coincidence happen regularly.  The Wall Street Journal gave me my 15 minutes of fame when they did an article on me - "The Longevity Puzzle" in October 2014.

So I want to write about my life in a long memoir or autobiography.   But I don't want to write a conventional, linear one.  I want it to be discursive and digressive and nonlinear.   I want it to bifurcate and trifurcate and have subjects appear and disappear at random just like they do in my real life.  Sometimes strange things happen but their meaning is not revealed for months or years.   I don't always know what happened so I can't always be a reliable narrator.  I want the reader to understand what this life feels like from the inside.I want to heavily reference my journal entries, my photos, poems, sketches, paintings and newspaper articles.    But I don't want to make a scrapbook.

What I'm looking for is suggestions for good, published successful examples of non-fiction written in a highly nonlinear, discursive, idiosyncratic, or experimental way.    I want to study these. I want to see examples of how to maintain a strong authorial presence in the face of chaos to lend some degree of coherency to the disorder.

Thank you in advance!!

I really hope it will help.

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Re: What am I doing here?
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