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Hello all! I'm a writer (go figure) that's been writing for a hot second, and more recently been stuck in a fantasy epic series I've had a good feeling about since ~2016. I enjoy the standard nerdy things, like D&D (I'm a permanent DM for my group, sadly), as well as making fantasy maps and the like. I only recently started searching around for possible beta readers for the first book in my series, and maybe some assistance in trying to find a good Literary Agent, as I've had little luck in both departments. I'm also currently working on making my 1st book into an audiobook for Audible, but doing all that by myself is rather cumbersome; especially when trying to voice out certain characters (like those of the opposite sex). Thus, I'm struggling to find the motivation to read my own work aloud to myself and make everything audibly "pretty" so that the quality stands above the average audiobook. I've done the prologue for it if anyone cares to give that a listen in the future, though. So far, I've had nothing but positive feedback on everything, but there's always a critic hiding somewhere, lmao.

My main intent is the aforementioned, but I'm interested in seeing how the life of this forum rolls. Not entirely sure how active people are, but I'm hoping more active than some of the others I've seen. Looking forward to the interactions.  :D