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Rasli Bahari - Kenya
« on: March 22, 2021, 10:48:11 PM »

Winding tributaries flow through backwaters to feed
rivers and swell waterways.

Vertical falls force vigilance and prolong our life within.
Water, more precious than gold, is the wealth we hold.

The day before and the day tomorrow now acquiesce our fortune.

Exploited and robbed of its metabolic vigor, nature toils.
Water holes dug in hope, yet disease have followed these.

Needs collide in villages afar.  Backwaters dry and rivers long gone.
Children found in little towns drink from dirty, polluted puddles.

Travel west and think the best of an intellectual marvel. 

Mine the water from the sea, extract the sludge and let it be. 
No thought of impending damage to the fish, or the future of our need.

Recreate and mine the gift without regard of its reprisal.
How lucky for the few, health and wealth anew.

Nothing spared, their fortune feigned to what perspective idol?

The unsightly picture of faraway thirst is now haunting our own survival.

The future lives today and is creating their tomorrow.
Water is the cycle of our life and no longer to be ignored.

Unprecedented genius drives innovation.
Source water on this earth before we look to Mars.