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Changing of bank History
« on: March 16, 2021, 12:20:31 PM »
As an American, I find it interesting how much 'history' has changed, according to the historian/person 'keeping the books' on history.

I reckon, if one is not taught the 'facts' of the times, one can't blame historians for being ignorant on the history he/she writes about.

Back in the 1980s, the United States was silent,while public school systems destroyed books, like the Communist did. [I witnessed this first hand. jt]

How can I compare the US government with Communist government?

It's easy, my old books document 'the National Bank of North America being incorporated in December, 1781,and existing as the National Bank of North America in the 1920s.

The National Bank of North America came into being in 1950 with the merger of the National Bank of Freeport and the First National Bank of Merrick both banks located on Long Island forming the Meado Brook National Bank. The name, National Bank of North America, was adopted in 1967 following the merger of Meadow Brook and Bank of North America. In 1960 the bank merged with Colonial Trust Company and Queens National Bank thereby becoming the first suburban bank to enter New York City.,to%20enter%20New%20York%20City.

I would say, the history of the National Bank of North America-got a little twisted, by someone doing the writing.

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