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Hello World.
« on: March 13, 2021, 01:41:12 PM »
Good Tidings to all who are taking some of their precious time to read this, musings of mine. The name is Void, not in the sense of invalid sales, its from the concept of Void, Nothingness and Emptiness, where there were nothing in existence but the Void. It is the Darkness that you've felt somedays ago, and it is the Loneliness that you've banished from your heart, when you met her/him. My real name is also meant Void of translated into English, that's enough ranting, I'd say, and, ah! oh yeah, Nice To Meet Y'all. If you ever need some hands, just reach out. I'll always be with you all. After all, who didn't have even a little bit of Emptiness in their hearts?? Till then, Sincerely Me, Void.