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New romance/erotica writer
« on: March 08, 2021, 07:46:38 AM »
Hello all

Finally got round to introducing myself on here.

I’m a writer from Norfolk, UK. I used to write a lot in my teens and 20s then life got in the way. I’m returning to it now.

My stories are a bit of a mixture, but because they are usually centred around love/relationships they come under the genre “romance”. They get pretty sexy too, so they can be erotic romance. They often feature young adults (late teens & 20s - new adult genre) and are usually contemporary with some elements of magic realism.

I’m also interested in mythology and diversity so my characters run the gamut of backgrounds and sexualities, and also sometimes reference mythological tropes.

I’d like to get feedback / beta reading and am happy to provide that in return to others.

Open to conversation if any of this interests you. Happy to beta read in romance, erotica, literary, fantasy genres.

Rowan Adams is a pen name so I go by “Rowan” here.

Rowan :)