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Re: Round table Question of the day
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"The financial history of the United States is not complicated nor difficult to  understand.   This is due to the fact that the government has been and is an honest government..."

This was written about the US government in 1921.

What happened!?

Greed happened, and once the greedy figured out how to manipulate the financial system, for their's and their family's benefit, few honest men/women can be found in banking or other finance businesses.

For those misguided souls who believe they own any property outside their own country, you don't. You and your money are just pary of the game of 'monopoly' to see who will be the last man standing.

I'm not against world trade. I'm against world manipulation, and one world government.

Do you know the fate of every country's economical system rests in the hands of others besides the stock holders, who have willingly put power -of attorney in another's hands?

I bet you never bothered reading the fine print,before signing everything you own over to another to take care of?
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: Would you knowingly give your child a toy that would harm him/her?

Doing non-stop research-I come across information that sends chills down my spine. That makes me wonder if  the devil himself is  heading some institutions...I mean, a person with a heart would never allow harm to befall innocent children. But. Some toy companies are putting dangerous stuff into the making of the toys they are selling to unsuspecting parents,and others who buy toys.

  9. Is there evidence that children are more sensitive to the effects of DINP and if so how
should that be incorporated into any risk determination?
No data are available on the effect of DINP on children or immature experimental
animals, nor are there data that indicate that immature animals are more sensitive
to causes of spongiosis hepatis, the critical endpoint used by the Panel in the
DINP risk assessment.
10. How should background levels of DINP and other phthalates be incorporated into a
determination of risk?
There are no data on the interaction or additivity of dialkyl phthalate-induced
toxic effects. Even if they act through a common mechanism, DAP effects are not
necessarily additive, although the assumption of additivity for low exposure levels
is a generally accepted conservative approach to addressing this source of
uncertainty, as well as one that has theoretical support in the case that damage
occurs by statistically independent increments.
However, because of the difficulty in developing reliable estimates of phthalate
exposure for the population of interest (infants and toddlers) and uncertainties on
how exposure estimates should be combined for comparison with the ADI, further
explicit consideration of environmental background DAP exposures is not

11. What conclusions, if any, can be reached about the skin penetration of DINP as a
result of dermal contact? Should potential risks from dermal exposures be evaluated in
the same manner as those from oral exposure?
Dermal uptake of DINP may occur through prolonged contact of DINP containing
products with skin or mouth. However, detailed data on the prevalence of DINP
in consumer products that are in sustained contact with skin, such as sandals and
rainwear, are not available, and there is fundamental uncertainty concerning the
magnitude of dermal DINP uptake. Therefore, estimation of potential dermal
exposure from such products remains speculative.
12. Is the available exposure information adequate to permit the Panel to estimate the
probable harm, if any, to human health that will result from exposure to DINP from the
“reasonable and foreseeable” use of consumer products?
Estimated DINP exposures to children through toys and/or bedding/shoes/
clothing, and to adults from shoes/clothing, are preliminary at best. Recognizing
the limitations of the data, nevertheless, a prediction about the potential oral
exposure to children under the age of three to certain consumer products can be
made. Exposure information is inadequate to make predictions about dermal
13. If such an estimate were made, what methodologies were used in estimating the
magnitude of the risk and what was the rationale for adopting that methodology?
A safety factor approach was applied to a non-cancer endpoint. To induce liver
cancer, DINP acts by a PPARα mechanism that is pronounced in rodents and that
is not readily induced in humans under current exposure conditions. Thus, the
human risk from cancer was seen as insignificant.
14. What are the uncertainties attendant with determining the risk to children from
exposure to DINP in consumer products?
There are uncertainties associated both with the determination of exposure and the
determination of hazard. Those associated with exposure include:
• lack of knowledge about what portion of toys contain DINP
• lack of knowledge about what other consumer products contain DINP
• lack of knowledge about how much DINP migrates out of toys and
other consumer products
• uncertainties about how much time each day a child spends with toys
and other DINP containing objects in their mouths
• lack of knowledge about how much, if any, DINP would be dermally
The uncertainties associated with the hazard include:
• the degree to which spongiosis hepatis in rodents is relevant to humans
• how to extrapolate an effect from a lifetime exposure in rodents to a
two-to-three year exposure in young children
• lack of knowledge of effects of early in life exposures; there are no
toxicological data for exposures corresponding to infancy and toddler
• lack of knowledge of effects in non-rodents; there are no chronic
studies in non-rodent mammals
• lack of knowledge of PPARα expression and related responses in the
young; there are no data in human infants and children and scant data
in non-human species
• lack of knowledge on mechanisms by which PPARα induces rodent
liver tumors
15. What is the risk to children from the oral exposure to DINP?
One of the two estimates of plausible upper-bound DINP exposure listed in Table
IV-7 (Section IV) is greater than the ADI of 0.12 mg kg-1d-1 recommended above
for DINP. Namely, the estimate of 0.28 mg kg-1d-1 for ingested DINP among any
children 0-18 months old who mouth PVC plastic toys containing DINP for 3
hours/day exceeds the recommended ADI. This implies that there may be a risk
of health effects from DINP exposure for any young children who routinely
mouth DINP-plasticized toys for 75 minutes/day or more. For the majority of
children, the exposure to DINP from DINP containing toys would be expected to
pose a minimal to non-existent risk of injury. Further research addressing topics
listed above (see question #14) could reduce the uncertainty associated with this
characterization of DINP risk from consumer products....
In December 1998, the Commission staff completed an analysis, “The Risk of Chronic
Toxicity Associated with Exposure to Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) in Children’s
Products.” As a result of this analysis and recommendations made by CPSC staff, toy
manufacturers voluntarily agreed to remove DINP from rattles and teethers and another
phthalate from pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. In addition, a number of large retail
chains agreed not to sell rattles, teethers, pacifiers, or baby bottle nipples that contained
phthalates. Staff indicated at that time that there were a number of uncertainties in the
staff’s analysis and recommended that the Commission:
• continue work to develop a laboratory test method that more accurately
estimates the amount of phthalate released when products are mouthed by
• conduct additional testing of products intended for children under 3 years of
age that contain DINP

Wake-up to the reality-some among us are nothing more than 'lowlifes' who feel nothing, but the pleasures that their money can buy. I for one will shine the light into the darkest pit-to save  children from being the victims of the fallout of greed. How many children have been harmed/killed by innocent looking toys?
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: How many Chemical plants are in your state?

Are chemical plants dangerous?
Chemicals are toxic and highly flammable, making chemical manufacturing plants extremely dangerous. Common injuries that occur at chemical plants include chemical burns, trips and falls, overexertion, cuts and scrapes, chemical exposure, and inhalation of chemicals.

Environmental agencies claim that simply living near a chemical plant puts individuals at risk of contamination and disease exposure.

The top 10 states with the greatest number of chemical facilities with dangerous chemicals are:
Texas 1424 facilities.
Illinois 939.
California 886.
Iowa 874.
Kansas 666.
Indiana 458.
Nebraska 456.
Minnesota 429.

In 2014, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass) warned Americans that chemical facilities "threaten the lives of Americans."

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass) released an analysis prepared for him by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) that details how many chemical facilities in each state threaten the lives of Americans.

At a joint Senate hearing on chemical safety and security, Senator Markey detailed how thousands of facilities in all 50 states contain hazardous chemicals that could be attacked by terrorists, or could harm or kill Americans living nearby during an explosion like the one that rocked a West, TX facility in 2013.

“We’ve long known that our chemical facilities could be used as terrorist targets, and the resurgence of radical groups like ISIL should remind us to stay vigilant,” said Senator Markey, a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee. “Yet many of our chemical facilities remain vulnerable, and this analysis shows these risks exist everywhere across our country.”

The full analysis used data submitted by the chemical industry to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to calculate how many people would be threatened by the release of chemicals caused by a terrorist attack or accident at chemical facilities in each state. The EPA database includes facilities that use large quantities of 140 of the most toxic and flammable chemicals, including chlorine, chemicals containing arsenic, and propane. However, EPA has yet to update its list of dangerous chemicals to include ammonium nitrate, which is the substance responsible for the West, TX accident, as well as the 1995 Oklahoma City and 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

The top 10 states with the greatest number of chemical facilities with dangerous chemicals are:

1. Texas 1424 facilities
2. Illinois 939
3. California 886
4. Iowa 874
5. Kansas 666
6. Indiana 458
7. Nebraska 456
8. Minnesota 429
9. Ohio 402
10. Missouri 363

Texas had the greatest number of facilities that put more than one million people at risk, with 34 out of the 89 such facilities nationwide.

Following the West, TX explosion, the Obama administration released an Executive Order to better secure our nation’s chemical facilities. Yet during the Senate hearing today, Senator Markey noted that the Agencies responsible for implementing the order had not taken several actions to secure facilities with chlorine, or ammonium nitrate, the chemical used during the World Trade Center attack in 1993, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and was the volatile chemical that exploded in the 2013 Texas tragedy.

Enemy within? There's much more to "chemical plant history" than meets the eye. The most interesting thing is: who,which countries, owns the chemical plants operating in the United States of America.

The owners of some Georgia chemical plants may surprise you!

Today, the lives of Americans are threatened by foreign countries who, like snakes, have slime their way onto American soil, under the disguise 'of doing business.' 

Old news could save your life! Never take freedom for granted.

Guess which banks are in the chemical business!?
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: Are they American soldiers or not?

American soldiers are many blooded, by birth or by choice.
Should American soldiers be addressed as "American soldier"?

Seven stories from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, with special emphasis on the 442nd  Regimental Combat Team, the “Go for Broke” outfit of Japanese-Americans who fought valiantly in Europe during World War II. Many of these men put their lives on the line for their country while their families were confined to internment camps back in the States.
The fact that the article above saw fit to deprive Americans, of various bloodlines- of their well earned title as an "American Soldier," is shameful.

"He looked at me in the eye and he said, 'You're a traitor.'" -Grant Jiro Hirabayashi [American soldier WW2]

“On streets, online and in many Asian-owned small businesses, we are seeing physical assault, verbal harassment and refusal of service,” JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon wrote in a memo to staff seen by Bloomberg. “These racist acts cannot -- and will not -- be tolerated.”

What's wrong with America!? The Jamie Dimons of the world. As an American, I'm sick of bankers using the racist card to manipulate people/and their money.

I have 3 different bloodlines running through my veins. I am not irish-America, French- American or Indian-American. I am 100% American.

Be careful when stirring the 'American melting-pot'.......

The soldiers who fought/fight under the American flag are the truest meaning of what it means to be an American.

Thank you American soldiers  The writers of history have done a great injustice to many Americans.

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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: What is the one thing that links all Humanity?

It's not Language...
It's not blood...
It's not skin color...

The spirit resides in us all...actions speak louder than words ,
as to the power that works through all.
A heart to feel, or not feel, is given equally to all.

There are many languages
There are many bloodlines
There are many skin colors
all processing the ability to
make the world a better or
worse place for us all.

The spirit dwells in us all
Some are guided by heart
others are not.

We all can feel love and hate.
It's just a matter of ones choice.
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: What color is the collar around your neck?
When I searched for the definition of 'white collar workers' I never realized there was so many collar-colors for people.

Blue collar workers work most often in a non-office setting [construction site, production line, etc.]. They use their hands and physical abilities to perform their duties.Blue-collar jobs are typically classified as involving manual labor and compensation by an hourly wage. Those who have this sort of job are characterized as members of the working class.

That was me... I was one of the first women in the state of Florida to work in construction.I was a member of the working class. I used a five pound axe to beat wood stakes in the ground,8and 10 hours a day,some days.

"Pink ghetto" The term was coined in 1983 to describe the limits women have in furthering their careers since the jobs are often dead-end, stressful and underpaid. The term pink ghetto is just simply another way of describing pink-collar work.

I don't know about 'pink collar' because I was working in construction in 1983, right along side of male construction workers.

Red-Collar Worker – Government workers of all types and farmers. Derived from compensation received from red ink budget. Also in China, refers to Communist Party officials in private companies. Open-Collar Worker – is a worker who works from home, especially via the internet.

Still haven't figured out how farmers fit in as red-collar workers, along with government workers.   
Unless it's because the government has long paid farmers NOT to farm....

Grey-collar refers to the balance of employed people not classified as white- or blue collar. ... Grey-collar workers often have licenses, associate degrees, certificates or diplomas from a trade or technical school in a particular field.
First thing that come to mind: Bankers.

Invisible collars are the ones the elite use [like dog collars]to control the lives of lower class people.

Now this collar has 'communism' written all over it:
Yellow Collar workers are the next generation of workers, which demands new skills and attitudes.

Whatever happened to 'follow your dream' become what you want to become.Not, what any government or individual says you got to be.

Oh,yeah,A white-collar worker belongs to a class of employees known for earning higher average salaries doing highly skilled work, but not by performing manual labor at their jobs. White-collar workers are the "shirt and tie" set [office jobs], Workers who don't like "getting their hands dirty."

I was a construction worker, who, on some jobs, was waist deep in water and mud..... I don't mind getting my hands dirty if it's for work, or in my flower garden.

Those who have never had to work for food,shelter; who have lived off the blood, sweat and tears of the labor of others, surely have earned the title 'black-collar workers.'
I cannot imagine being so heartless.
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the Day: Should all thieves be treated equally, for committing the same crime?

An Alabama man who served 36 years in prison for stealing $50.75 (£41 today) from a bakery will finally be released. Alvin Kennard was given a life sentence without parole in 1983 after being convicted of first degree robbery. But because he had two previous convictions he fell foul of Alabama’s infamous Habitual Felony Offender Act, known as the “three strikes law”.

Wow! Duh! Some in the banking business openly steal trillions of dollars and never spend a day in jail,much less prison. And there is no 'three strike law' for those committing the same type of crime again and again.

J.P. Morgan Securities Admits to Manipulative Trading in U.S. Treasuries

to shareholders
The Firm has demonstrated sustained, strong financial performance

We have generated strong ROE and ROTCE over the past 10 years, while growing average common equity by over 50% from $146 billion to $229 billion and almost doubling average tangible common equity (“TCE”)1 from $95 billion to $183 billion, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 5% and 8%, respectively over the period.

I guess the elite really think they deserve what they steal from people in the USA and worldwide...

Rep. Alan Grayson: $12 Trillion Gone and No One Punished:

Alan Grayson on the Worst Deal Since Manhattan Was Sold for $24 in Trinkets

For as long as greedy politicians [State governors, legislators, congressmen and US Presidents] move to the tune of people like Jamie Dimon [JPMorgan], crooks in the banking business; will have a free ride stealing from the American people.[a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card]

Sad but true! What begin as a business, to help people handle their money more wisely,is now in the hands of thieves,inside and outside the United States of America..
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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My question of the day: Do you think there's more or less communist propaganda today ,than there was in the 50's , 60's etc?

With so much misinformation  on the internet about communism, it is little wonder that the younger generations are [could be] confused about  what the real communist agenda is.

As an American who cherishes the freedom my forefathers fought for, and many died for, I  stand ready always to defend my country, and my fellow Americans. Unlike many,older Americans, at 72, I am not to old to remember the sacrifices  made by the American people, or the money spent to help other countries rebuild after WWII.

Communist countries have long sought to destroy the United States of America...... Which is a little strange since.. for many  years  thousands of foreign students, from communist countries, have come to my country for an education.....

China and other communist countries, hate the United States, because the US government  will not desert the non-communist countries.

It's going to take more than communist , working from within, to destroy the only country in the world whose people represent, the best from, every country in the world.

China take your communism-keep it in your country. If people there get tired of it-they will make the sacrifices American have made for the liberty  we enjoy today.

Communist propaganda  never changes....

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Re: Round table Question of the day
« Reply #23 on: March 27, 2021, 12:31:20 PM »
Question of the day: Are China's communist dictators ready to, back their mouth pieces up?

From my old tattered and torn history books... The bs over Formosa Island (Taiwan) is nothing new.... jt

A dictatorship exists in a country when one man, or group men and women, runs the government without respect for the rights of individual citizens. A dictator takes over a country during a time of confusion and hardship, when people are more concerned about food than political rights.

Before the end of WWI,there was a revolution against the Russian rulers, in Russia. When it happened, Communists moved in, took over the revolution, and remained in control.

Shortly after WWII ended, a large group of Chinese Communists, aided by Russia, succeeded in overthrowing the Chinese Nationalist government led by Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang, a considerable part of his armies, and members of the Nationalist government escaped to the island of Formosa, off the coast of China. This group still claims to be the rightful government of China. The United States recognized this claim and offered military protection to Formosa.

Mao Tse-tung,Red China's dictator, says that this island belongs to Red China.If not for the United States fleet that guarded the waters around Formosa Island,The communist would have invaded it.

Mao,after WWII, let it be known that he intended to spread communism by force.This caused friction between Mao and Khrushchev;while Mao argued that war between the communist and capitalist worlds cannot be avoided; Khrushchev argued that communist will get control of the world without a war.

"Let us help you in your struggle against imperialism" the Communists cried. "Let us show you how a people's government will cure all your ills." The people in some countries listened long enough to permit Communists to seize power. Russia and China were among them.   

China! Communists will NEVER  bury the United States of America from within....and Americans have long been set on ready[if there's a need to protect individual rights and liberty]for war.

Americans are not in the dark as to your long sought-after plan to rule the world.

My suggestion to all people who cherish their freedom: cut ALL ties with China and any other communist country. Enough is enough....put up or shut up!

China can't un-write history-like all communist ,all they can hope for is that history books will be destroyed -so the communist can rewrite history for every country on earth.   
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Re: Round table Question of the day
« Reply #24 on: March 28, 2021, 10:52:25 PM »
Question of the day:  Should John Forbes Kerry be representing the American People?

As the largest India-headquartered multinational in North America, Tata has 12 companies covering diverse operations.

In the United States these include soda ash mines in Wyoming, coffee manufacturing in Maryland, steel manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania, tea manufacturing and processing in Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey, The Pierre hotel in New York, the Taj Boston hotel and the Taj Campton Place hotel in San Francisco, animation labs in California and IT development centres in California, Michigan, and Ohio.

Note: Karl Slym, managing director of India's Tata Motors Ltd  , died on Sunday after falling from a high floor of a hotel in Bangkok, the company said.

In his remarks, Kerry said he believes that the United States and India should continue to reach for the ambitious target that Vice President Joe Biden laid out last summer in India, to push from USD 100 billion to USD 500 billion a year in trade.

"And whatever impediments we may face along the way, we need to always be mindful of the opportunities and the bigger picture around this," he said.

"It is completely in our mutual interest to address those obstacles that kind of raise their head here and there as you go along the way and to remember that a lot bigger opportunities will come from more robust ties, so we need to keep our eye on the prize out there and not get dragged down by one small or lesser particular aspect of a restraint," he added.

"The bigger picture has to guide us and the end game has to guide us," Kerry said.

It's interesting that John Kerry would use the words "end game". But. Then again, he does have some family ties to Tata [in India].

With people like John Kerry involved in American politics  its a wonder there's any thing left that's American made.

But. Kerry is right. The 'end game' is right around the corner.

He's not called 'John Forbes Kerry' for nothing.

Forbes & Company - one of the oldest businesses in the world
The booming economy of India has brought to our attention one of the oldest companies in the world which is still in business. Forbes & Company Ltd was established by a Scot in Bombay in 1767.  It was taken over in the recent years by the Tata Group and is now part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group.

Imagine that!  And now President Biden has Kerry trying to 'fix' problems with China....
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Re: Round table Question of the day
« Reply #25 on: March 30, 2021, 12:13:00 AM »
Question of the day: How important is life to you?

Microsoft’s MSFT  billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth’s atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, aims to examine this solution by spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere — a sun-reflecting aerosol that may offset the effects of global warming.
First of all. Sun dimming[solar radiation management] is nothing new.

Just like 'chemtrails'[the spraying of nano aluminium ,and other chemicals in the sky] is not new.

It's not nature that's reeking havoc in the sky. It's geoengineers. Those who never consider the threats to mankind that their 'experiments' with weather are creating.

I do not intend to argue my case for stopping any further geoengineering- my argument would just be dismissed as 'conspiracy theory'. That's why I have chosen to lay this subject on the table, and let the reader do the research and decide for him or her self.

 (II) through the use of land-based, sea-
                        based, or space-based systems using radiation,
                        electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or
                        other energies directed at individual persons
                        or targeted populations for the purpose of
                        information war, mood management, or mind
                        control of such persons or populations; or
                            (III) by expelling chemical or biological
                        agents in the vicinity of a person.
            (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as--
                    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information
                    (ii) chemtrails;

Introduced in House (10/02/2001)
Space Preservation Act of 2001 - Reaffirms U.S. policy that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes.
Directs the President to: (1) ban U.S. space-based weapons and remove from space any existing U.S. weapons; (2) terminate research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all such weapons; and (3) direct the U.S. representatives to the United Nations and other international organizations to work toward negotiating, adopting, and implementing a world agreement banning space-based weapons.

Oh,my! I forgot we now have a 'space' branch in the US. Does this mean we now have     "space-based weapons."

It's not those in the sky that should worry people living on the planet. Its the mindset of ignorance, that seems to have found its way into the mindset of many, who are the trigger for furture destruction of the planet.

Have we learned nothing from past experiments that killed and maimed millions!?

I spent years ,taking pictures and making videos [documenting the sky I live under].
I researched and found government documents about man's manipulation of the sky.

Stockholders/shareholders is not life more precious than the all-mighty-dollar?

Stop feeding money to the lunatics' who have long been experimenting with the air we need to breath--if we are to live.

NOTE: You got to remember you and your loved ones will be breathing this in 24 hours a day, non-stop.
Effects on Humans: Calcium carbonate dust is a physical irritant of the eyes, nose, mucous membranes,and skin of humans.  Contact of Calcium carbonate dust with the eyes causes redness, pain, and inflammation of the eyelids while contact with the skin causes local irritation of moderate degree [NLM1991]. Exposure to large amounts of the dust of this sunstance causes coughing, sneezing, and nasl irritation [NLM 1991]. Although chronic exposure to pure calcium carbonate does not cause pneumoconiosis, similar exposure to impure limestone [calcium carbonate] containing 3% to 20% quartz may pose silicosis risk [ACGIH 1991].

Of course what is dumped in the air is going to be pure...... I don't think so.
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Re: Round table Question of the day
« Reply #26 on: March 31, 2021, 02:35:02 PM »
Question of the day: What is the truth? Are the "facts" being feed to people worldwide[over the internet,in books,by daily news reports,etc] 'facts based on truth" or "facts based on what a writer claims to be the truth"?

As an American, who has lived over seven decades [70 years]  I am knowledgeable on what was reported  as facts...during my life time. And I can honestly tell you the hands of deceit have used pen and internet to manipulate what people believe today.

I will not write the ending to this round table question ,this day. But, I will post the question, as a warning to any who profit from twisting the truth, at the expense of world peace.

Israel .....Jews on American soil..... Truth is coming for the liars-who profit from robbing the world of the peace-it is destined to receive.

What price did you take- in exchange for your souls!?

The heart of mankind rocks the future of humanity.

Note: Just to clarify: "Israel"= Israel government and  'Jews on American soil"= Jews who work from the inside of my country to gain a throat hold on the American economy.

I have my daddy's WWII book. It contains pictures of the Holocaust victims. jt

Chase Manhattan, J.P. Morgan Are Named in Suit on Holocaust
By Paul BeckettStaff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal
Dec. 24, 1998 2:37 am ET
NEW YORK -- In the first Holocaust-related class-action lawsuit to involve U.S. banks, Chase Manhattan Corp. and J.P. Morgan & Co. were named in a case filed Wednesday on behalf of Holocaust survivors and victims' relatives that seeks reparations for assets allegedly seized during the Nazi occupation of France.

The suit is related to one filed in federal court in Brooklyn last December. That suit claimed that seven French banks and Barclays Bank, a unit of Barclays PLC of the United Kingdom, aided the expropriation of Jewish bank accounts and other assets by Vichy French authorities and then failed to account to Holocaust survivors and victims' families after the end of World War II. Barclays last week settled its part of the suit by agreeing to pay $3.6 million to Jews whose assets were seized from its French branches during the war.

The new lawsuit, in which Chase and J.P. Morgan were named along with the same seven French banks, was filed on behalf of 17 named non-American Holocaust survivors and victims' relatives and is seeking class-action status on behalf of potentially tens of thousands of others, said Kenneth McCallion, partner in Goodkind Labaton Rudoff & Sucharow, the lead lawyer on the case.

Deutsche Bank Named
Chase and J.P. Morgan are the latest banks to be implicated in wrongdoing concerning assets seized from Jews during the war. Deutsche Bank , which is acquiring Bankers Trust Corp., has also been named in several suits that may have an impact on the regulatory approval process for the $10.1 billion takeover.

And in August, Swiss banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion to compensate tens of thousands of Jews whose assets were seized during the war.

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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: Whose life will you touch for the better?

At my age, I can always find something to bring to the table. But. To tell the truth, I think I'm wasting my time and the readers time. I've said nothing that some other caring soul hasn't already said. I can't snap my fingers,and magically put what it took me a life time to learn, into anyone else's mind. I can't take my heart in my hands and show anyone why I care about complete strangers whose lives mine will never cross..

But in shutting the Round Table down...let me say, there's not a person rich or poor who doesn't have the power to make a difference,for the better, in someone else's life.

     I have always said,"If I can't make the world a better place, before I die,let me at least do everything I can to make sure that I don't leave it a worse world than the one I was born into."

I owe much to strangers who touched my life, and unknowingly helped make me who I am today.

Make the world a better place....stop giving money to charities/foundations; take your blinders off...there are needy people not far from your fancy houses.

You may never know, what your show of kindness does in a strangers life.

But, I can assure you- the receiver of your good deed will never forget "the stranger who made a difference" in their life.

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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: will Israel finally meet its fate?

Israel  is being illegally occupied by the Jews -according to maps dating back 100 years.
Some might find this interesting:

Of all the sombre ironies of history none throws a more sinister light on human nature  than the fact that the new-style nationalist Jews, on the morrow of the most appalling of many persecutions that their race had endured,should at once proceed to demonstrate, at the expense of Palestinian Arabs whose only offence against the Jews was that Palestine was their ancestral home, that the  lesson learnt by Zionists from the sufferings which Nazis had inflicted on Jews was, not to forbear from committing the crime of which they themselves had been victims, but to persecute,in their time, a people weaker than they were.  The Israeli Jews did not follow in the Nazis' footsteps to the extent of exterminating the Palestinian Arabs in concentration camps and gas chambers; but they did dispossess the majority of them, to the number of more than half a million, of the lands which they and their fathers had occupied and cultivated for generations, and of the property that they were unable to carry with them in their flight, and thereby they reduced them to destitution as 'displaced persons'. [A Study of History, by Arnold J. Toynbee,Oxford University Press,New York & London,1957, pages 177-178]
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Re: Round table Question of the day
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Question of the day: Does every American stand behind Israel?

Many in US Congress would like the world to believe that "every American" supports Israel's evil deeds against the  men, women and children of Gaza. Israel rightfully belongs to the Palestinian Arabs. The United Nations ,some in the American government [and others] helped the Israeli Jews create a country [Israel] that in reality did not exist. As an American who supports the Palestinian Arabs- I find President Biden and many in Congress to be driven more by their religious beliefs than common sense.  The American government should stop playing politics with the lives of innocent men, women and children.

And those in US Congress should stop using congressional records to document their beliefs.... Any one watching know Gaza is the victim of a greedy people, who wrongfully believe they are God's chosen ones.    The god that I know expect his  faithful followers to have hearts-that act compassionately toward their fellow man.
Interesting the way the internet really works.   jt jt