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Our Dream
« on: February 17, 2021, 05:57:48 PM »
Our Dream

In our first years together we bought a caravan
The living conditions weren't ideal but we had a plan
We moved around a bit so the Council couldn't catch us
The dream far too precious to be snatched from us

We saved our money, working hard - day and night
For the dream we dreamt together was in our sight
We wanted children and a family home
Our dream - something we could call our own

Four years passed and we were doing fine
We were rewarded by our efforts - buying our first house in 2009
We decorated fast - especially one room
This was the place where our first baby would bloom

A month later she arrived,
10 fingers, 10 toes - in our arms she would thrive
We adored her and praised for every step that she took
We held her played daily and read her a book

She got poorly one day, we tried to make her feel better
Everything we tried only upset her
We drove to the hospital to wait in A&E
Holding her tight whilst she sat on our knee

The doctors ran their tests looking for answers
Results read out loud, the words - blood cancer
Our dream completely shattered
Getting her better - the only thing that mattered

To Bristol we were taken
Our hearts and minds completely shaken
9 months we spent together as a team
Trying to beat cancer - our new dream!

Taking her back home was the best day of all
Watching her walk through the door was magical!
"We are so lucky to keep her" - which we always say
So many stories don't turn out this way

Another year on, she was getting strong
Now she needed a sister to play along
Our second baby arrived, and wow what a beauty!
We loved her and continued our parental duty

We adored her and praised her for every step that she took
We held her, played daily and read her a book
They laughed and they played and they loved each other too
Together they were happy with me and you

We dreamed of a garden for them to play
Seeing them muddy and collecting bugs for the day
We worked harder still, working day and night
For the dream of our garden and sitting somewhere bright

We found it! - the house of our dreams
Our new garden right there showered in sun beams
The four us now, the dog and the cat
Enjoying our garden - our own habitat

That brings us to now and our story so far
Us, the kids, the house, the animals, the caravan and car
With ups and downs our dreams came true
And with all of my heart, I love you x