Author Topic: Looking for beta readers for YA sci-fi  (Read 74 times)

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Looking for beta readers for YA sci-fi
« on: February 02, 2021, 11:08:08 PM »
Greetings! I'm Samazra, and I have a novel that I've self-edited multiple times now, which is why I'm looking for fresh eyes to look through my story. Warning: it contains graphic gory scenes, including suicide.

Project Regenesis focuses on LazBot, a senior in high school with a mental condition rendering them unable to feel most emotions. However, they can feel loneliness, but they refuse to befriend others with their illogical emotions, preferring to remain lonely.

But when they get chosen as the USA Candidate for Project Regenesis, a global government-run project that pits one candidate from each country to debate to the death for the right to decide the future of emotions.

Debates are lost when one's doubt and guilt rise to high levels, which detonates the self-destructing devices implanted in all Candidates' heads. LazBot is willing to kill others for the sake of a utopia of emotionless humans and for the sake of finding friends, but this all changes when they meet Harmony.

Harmony, a free-spirited woman, makes LazBot feel more emotions than ever before, and as LazBot experiences more emotions, they begin to doubt themselves and their utopia, wondering if there's more to emotions than they thought. Before their doubt and guilt kill them, LazBot has to navigate the illogical maze of emotions to reach their final answer: whether to keep all emotions, to remove only the negative ones, or to remove them all.

Email me at or message me here if you're interested! I'll consider critique swaps as well.