Author Topic: My New Book, Inspiring Leaders in Health & Fitness - Looking for Beta Readers  (Read 263 times)

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This is a non-fiction book that is a series of 6 biographies on experts in the health & fitness space, from nutritionists to physical therapists to strength and conditioning coaches. After studying each individual for months at a time, I not only describe how they built their platform but also all of the tips and tricks that I learned from their podcasts, books, and programs.

Would anyone be interested in being a beta reader? I have the book ready to share and each chapter is 6,000-10,000 words. Even reading one chapter and providing feedback would mean a lot.

Thank you!  :)

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I just finished writing a rather comprehensive reply on a thread about
Beta reading you might like to see at:

In that reply I tell about publishing on a (Authors) Blog.

If you have info about your nonfiction book you might consider to
write about your non fiction book and share some parts ('Samples')
in blog posts on a blog...?

(You can see for yourself on my own Writers Blog how I share a few Samples in
a few Blog posts from my own (Co) Written E-Report about Digital Photography)

I not only have a Writers Blog, I also have a Healthy Lifestyle blog and
might be able to write about the fact that you have a 'Sample' of your
nonfiction book on your Blog.

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