Author Topic: "Genetically" Novel, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery (Seeking Beta readers).  (Read 114 times)

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Hello, this is my first novel and I need some beta readers to spot anything weak in the story.
I really like the kind of story that is, extremely tragic and dramatic; at the same time it has lots of gag and funny moments (I know what I want to mix is contrary. But that's what I want to achieve. I want to leave a single tear rolling on the reader cheek and a smile).
Blurb: Shouto wakes up with amnesia after a long sleep that lasted for a whole year. He finds out from his Father that his Mother died from cancer. Discovering later on, that his Mother died from another fatal disease and it is now showing its symptoms on him. Will his fate become one as his Motherís?
If you are interested in helping me I would be thankful. (Might insert your name in the postscript if it gets a book.... You never know.)
Contact me through Email and I will send you the complete manuscript.