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Feel alone - poem
« on: November 10, 2020, 10:38:10 AM »
I don't want to be here,
I wish I could move.
I feel like I'm stuck,
And I don't know what to do.

No-one can help me,
I feel so alone.
No-one understands,
No-one really knows.

The thoughts in my head,
My heart and my soul.
These feelings inside me,
I feel I can't control.

They stay here inside me,
Alone in my head.
I wish they would leave,
I want to get out of bed.

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Re: Feel alone - poem
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2020, 09:44:46 PM »
Set your alarm clock with these messages:
I'm a big boy/girl now, so it's up to me to get out of bed.
Life can be shit, but the alternative is far worse.
The world is full of lonely people...especially if they don't get out of bed.
It's up to me to help myself.
The world is full of people waiting for others to solve their problems, I don't want to be one of them.

It's not a really bad poem. And the sentiments are probably real for you. Keep writing and communicating. And BTW, the usual reason why 'no one knows' is because you haven't told anyone! I know...I've been there.
Looking forward to reading more positive poems :)
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