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Do You Have Any Questions About My Self-Published Publication?

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I have amung others a Writing Blog, and because of this recent
thread titled:


I realised that I could write interesting blog posts about my experiences with creating and selling my own Self-Published Publications online.

In some other replies on other threads I already explained some things about
how I connect with you as a reader. 

To be able to write compelling interesting and perhaps even engaging blog posts about my Self-Publishing experiences, I - ASK - you;

'Do you have any Questions about Self-Publishing
you would like to see answered...? ? ?'

Or any specific Topics or (sub)topics you think I should include....? ? ?

Please let me know.

I have an other Question;

Did you ever Self-Published and do you like to share - Your - Experience....?

I never had, how to connect to your readers via Self-Published Publication? Is it sustainable and above living wage?

Thanks for your reply teeshirt21com,

It's not specifically that I (only) aim to connect with you as a reader
via my Self-Published Publications. I have many other way's to connect,
with you as a reader.

For example we also have things like a Video Channel, Pinterest Boards, Blog(s)
Twitter etc. However, a Self-Published Publication itself is also a possibility
to connect with you as a reader. Because in it we also have
active links to our website.

Only at the moment, my focus isn't that much on promoting
any of my Self-Published Publications, and .....,

 :o Guess what.....?

I also Sell - amung others - T-Shirts, and other Fashion as well  ;D

For example very recently I did have some sales from one of our
most popular EVERGREEN Funny Talking Parrot T-shirts,
And at the moment we are obviously pretty bussy with our
Christmas Sales !

Thanks again for the blog article. Really looking forward to reading more. Want more. My site: บาคาร่ามือถือ


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