Author Topic: My Book's First Chapter (fantasy) - 3088 words - contains references to violence  (Read 136 times)

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I'm working on the first chapter of A novel, and I'm looking for some feedback/critiques.

Synopsis: seven characters are forced by circumstance to team up and be heroes when a demented warlock plans to destroy the world with an army of monsters. This first chapter is a series of scenes introducing each of the main heroes.

In addition to general criticism, there are some questions I'm hoping to have answered:
Do each of these characters come across as distinct from one another?
Do each of characters come across as having their own stories?
Do any of these characters interest you enough that you would continue reading past this chapter?
Is clear what kind of person each character is?
Is there anything in any scene that is blatantly unclear that should be clear right away?

Note: The book's world, Mioverion, is essentially a fantasy world, but with some more unconventional twists. Letting you know so you're not surprised by elements that seem out of place in fantasy.

If you choose to read the chapter, thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy it.